Sunday, June 27, 2010

CHINA---> i've had a great trip!

say cheeeeezzzzzzzzzzzz:D
we went to China..specifically,Beijing & Tianjin, China.
it's our family vacation for 2010.
bcuz by this year end holiday,
i'll be busy with my practical at the -ONLY GOD KNOWS-which company..

without further do,let's roll the pictures...

my mum asked me to be her 'twin'..aigooo, she did it on purpose:D

while i'm waiting for the passengers to board, i saw this!!!
say what??!!food by the sky chefs;LSG!!!!
i have another LSG in my mind,Lee Seung Gi that is:D

arrived in Tianjin,
not that i'm short,my brother is just too tall!

Beijing here I come,
at first glance,this is BEIJING

the food

the places:

blooming flowers,

Tienanmen square is just outside the Forbidden city,

outside the Forbidden City,

the forbidden city is huuuge,rite?!

inside the forbidden city,

random snaps,

acrobatic show! must watch:D

sightseeing around town;D

at the jade center,

ni hao:)

great wall,3rd station;)

i just (o_O) when i saw this Korean lady climbing up the great wall in her heels just like that...aigooo

enuff for China trip,i'll post more in upcoming posts:D

i'm now, bowing out!(^__^)v

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