Monday, March 21, 2011

Just Sharing! v(^__~)v

just want to share the pictures of Kota Bharu,

*the yellow building on the right supposed to be there ever since the colonial era*
*the huge building in front of us is the new one,
Parkson & Giant there*
(lol,anyone here notices that uncle on motorcycle?)

~Pelangi Mall, not really a mall,but apartment/houses~

~a very tired looking tourist~

~new landmark next to river in the making~

~go only to the left~
*to the left,to the left*

~Grand Riverview Hotel~

post office hour traffic

the multi language boards,

~Tune Hotel,KB~

~Waterfront next to Tesco~

maybe i should show my little tiny town of Machang too? hmm


  1. Fiqah, you drive to Pasir Puteh everyday? That's almost where I live!! You should make friends with my wife, she doesn't know any young people who can speak English!!! (Oh this is Andy from in case you didn't guess!)

  2. oh hi!! u found me here!yes,everyday,till 31/05 at least, well,why not?! where is she?? i never saw her in any of ur entries except for her name,Jisun right? :D

  3. Hahaha yep, her name is Jisun. I think I have some older pictures of her, but maybe none in the very recent past. Anyway, I see you are interested in Korean culture and she is Korean, so she can tell you all about it!

    Anyway, email me at andrew(dot)lasher(at)gmail(dot)com and I will send you her phone number! (If you want to!)


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