Sunday, March 20, 2011

art of writing~


the art of writing is something rather interesting!
in the hand of natural,it's indeed an art,
beautiful-skillful-naturally written,
in the hand of people like me,it could be horrible! >_<'

so here i am admitting,
it's nowhere near natural to me,NO!!
however, for fellow blogger like Paula or etc,
it flows like water,beautiful~

hmm,i think i love it though,
usually i feel a lot better after i write something when i feel down,
it might not be neat,nor beautifully written,
but it's contain my feelings and thoughts,
could be possibly connect to what i wrote.

another thing that i love about writing,
is how
'what you write,reflect who you are'
to a certain point,it's agreeable.
don't you think so?
at least i do v(^__~)v

*random pic of Bommie*

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