Monday, March 21, 2011

my trip~

my everyday trip,(at least) up to 31/05/2011, to be exact.
currently i'm on my practical training at an accounting firm(pic above),
located here in Pasir Puteh.
this firm was recommended by my lecturer,
quite convenient for me,
as it's the longest,took me 20-30minutes by car,
from my house.

i've started my training since 1st Dec,
where i was placed at the Head Office in KB for about 3 weeks,
before moving here,upon the opening of the new branch.
now that it's already nearing to month April,
it means that i only have another 2 months to be here.

i'll be missing the trip that i made daily,
not to mention,my office here,will be miss dearly,that is for sure!!
it's heavenly! spacious and comfy,
i would call it my second home xDDD

now let the pics-spam begin!!
start here, this is in front of my house,about to begin my trip~
aigoo, my house is next to highway,
and littering is unavoidable! see that???

on my way, foggy morning~the hills covered in fog.

never ending road! see there's almost like no car!
did i mentioned earlier,that this route, the traffic is not a killer :P

lush-green along the way~

saw this,

and this red bus too,
this bus at the front= LATE already!!!

yaay!that's all folks!

*going back home*


  1. Wow! I could only wish for my road to work to be that picturesque!


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