Thursday, March 17, 2011


A picture of myself with fifteen facts about me!

so i figure that i'm just going to do this spontaneously,
the facts will be in random order yah,
the numbering is not the rank,just number.

1. i love to travel
(kaki jalan la ni),
so far i've traveled most of Malaysia states,
but yet to cover Penang, Sabah,the islands(except, Langkawi & Pangkor).
also i've been to Mekah,Madinah,Jordan,Syria,Thailand & China.
but still,given chance i want to go back and travel Middle East,again!:D

2. i love to nom-nom!
(kuat makan,hence the size (=_=')
great meals is like a bless to me!
i especially love bread!! (again,explain the size)
i love bread! yeah, just couple days ago,
i drove to Machang from Pasir Puteh during lunch hour,
just to buy bread from the place that i love their bread the most.
i know,maybe i'm just a little crazy that time=_='
eh,what should i call a shop that sells bread,cake and all?? :O
also,i super love coffee!
and chocolate too!
but i don't like white chocolate!:(

3. i love driving,~fast!
this is not a good habit of mine,
and i'm learning to slow down a little bit now,
seems to be under control now,
i used to drive fast all the time,
but now,
i only drive fast at the right lane and place/roads. ngee~

4.i love Kpop!
YG Family especially :D
but generally i love great music,
aigoo,my love for Kpop is like the fact people will realized in just couple of minutes sitting /being together with me,
i listen to Kpop in my cars,in my house,in my room,everywhere,anytime! :P
if the music is great,why not listening to it.

5. i appreciate if things were put nicely together according to size,
for example,
books must go from the thickest/biggest to thinnest/smallest,
i'd love that :D

6. i'm short-tempered,but i'm nice!
hahaha, whattaaa
yeah,i'm short-tempered,but i'm a nice girl before i loose it,
but maybe i shall said,i used to be short-tempered?
nowadays,i don't really bother being angry at stupid thing anymore..
i think i changed a lot ever since i befriended with Abip,
he's a friend with no furious hint in him,
he never gets mad! like for real,never!
i used very negative,but he influence my with his positive attitude.
even Mukminah said i've changed when she first met me again,
about a year after we grad from KMK,
what a friend,i miss him!

7. very stubborn but flexible.
true this? my sis told me this,
i'm stubborn,but i'm very flexible towards other option too.
i always have a say in what i do..
i mean i'm a Leo,what do you expect?
i personally i posses every single Leo's characteristic,
i even amazed on how Leo's prediction/characteric could be soooooo much alike as in the books!

8. i couldn't really tolerate messiness,
i clean up my table before i started any activity,
i can't stand messiness, i can't think or even breathe properly in messy place!
for instance,
i ended up cleaning my house most of the time because of this.

9. internet-holic (according to my sis)
ok,ok,i have to explain myself here,
i'm not an internet addict!
i'm just hooked by it!
i'm certainly doing fine without internet either,
so holic or addict is not really a problem here,
it just that i love spending time online doesn't mean i can't survive offline!
i'm a survivor yo!
twitter-holic(according to my sis,again)
this toooo!!
no i'm not twitter-holic!
it just that my life feels empty without twitter?

10. money
i love money,love spending money,
i don't mind spending money over great food,
don't mind spending money on travelling,
but i'm not really like the idea of spending money over
expensive clothes,handbag,and etc,
but i'd love to have LV bags someday!

11. skin problems!
urgh,i was debating myself whether to put this too or not,
yeah,that's a fact about me,
i have this major skin problems,
due to my sensitive skin,
if anyone know any great cure for skin problems,
please tell me so :)

12. body-conscious is me!
i could spent hours complaining about my body!
i used to be very skinny and called names because of it,
so i tried my best and gained weight,
but still, i learned that people won't stop complaining either,
i grew a little bit taller and bigger than normal girls,
hence i'm quite the monster standing next to my friends,
and thus,i make friends with boys,
bcuz i'll look normal standing next to a boy,not a monster, no more:P
so yeah,i'm very conscious about my body,
'do not touch my fat!' is my favorite sentence at home,because my siblings LOVE to tease me on that specific matter.

13. i'm a rom/rom-com type of movies/drama
or drama/movies that has message in it,
hence i love a walk to remember,10 promises to my dog,Goong,SKKS,naming few
i never like horror movie,
watch sad movies sometimes,
which i end up crying like a baby!
T_T i cry easily at others story..

14. very much the jeans & t-shirt kind of girl.
yeap,that's me! fact!
put on Jeans and T, i'm ready to go,go go!

15. Crazy,
so now i'm at number 15,
combined all of the facts above,
you'll see me,
a little touch of everything,
crazy good,not crazy bad!


*bonus,i don't have a favorite color,i love them all!*
hence, rainbow

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