Wednesday, March 2, 2011


dear 6002,
years back,
i saw a video of you crying,
while u're talking about your family,
at that time,
i really pity you,
years passed,
and guess what?

i no longer pity you,
i empathy you,
only now,i understand the pain.

i really look up to you now,
even back then,
mad respect to you!
after been through it myself,
i now knew.

how hard & painful the process is,
for you being so strong,
is just amazing,
even though,part of it was just pretending to be strong,
i knew,cuz i did the same thing..

every time now,
whenever i'm feeling tired,weary,down and sad,
i think about you,
i remember your story,
your journey hasn't been easy.

along the way,
you never fail to smile brightly,
and spread your love,
your smile is my little joy,
always get me through hard time,
you've made it through the hardship.

i guess,
i should too!

thanks for the motivation!!

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