Sunday, April 22, 2012


-Super Late & Long edition-

So BIGBANG kick off their world tour with their annual concert,
 BIGSHOW in Seoul.
This year is particularly special,
 as me and my sister had the chance to attend the concert!
Being BIGBANG's fans for years,
we dreamt of attending the BIGSHOW for so long.
It's like the ultimate dream of every single VIPs!
With the help of the hostel owner at the place we stayed in Seoul,
we managed to secure tickets for Day 1 & Day 3! Yayy!!
It was all so surreal, and felt like dream to us.
Seeing the sea of crownstick,omgreatness, the best feeling ever!

Concert hall

Day 1~2 March 2012, Friday.

After confirming the locations of the Olympic Park,
we headed there rather early in the morning.
The subway is filled with many other fellow VIPs too.
Some of them holding the crownstick proudly,
as they marched their way to the concert hall.
Queuing in the freezing coldness of late winter in Seoul is no joke!
We're queueing for concert merchandises almost 6 hours.
Our legs were cramping and we're shaking.Bbbrrrrr
Light rain just making it worst.
Ha, lucky that YGe provides lollipops and drinks for the VIPs.

Our seats is on the 3rd floor, however, we consider ourselves lucky.
The battle for BIGSHOW ticket for this year no like previous years.
Sold out within minute, we're really barely got lucky to secure tickets.
Today, the concert will be at 8pm.
However, the VIPs are called to enter into concert hall since 6pm.
To heat things up, they played some of BIGBANG's MVs on the huge screens.
By 8pm the arena was filled and we're ready to party!!!

Here's set list of their performance on Day 1

1. Intro - Alive » Boys come out from tubes, pretty cool ha?
2. Tonight » no guitar smashing from GD !
3. Hands Up

*1st speech*

4. Fantastic Baby » fantastic choreography BOOM SHAKALAKA BOOM SHAKALAKA
5. How Gee » GD&TOP on their fancy segways , YB rides a bike
6. Stupid Liar

*2nd speech » only YB, Dae and Seungri; maknaes doing hip dances

7. GD&TOP - Knock Out » GD wears his emperor hat.
the backdancers were doing lion dances

*TOP doing beatbox*

8. GD&TOP - High High » but no usual GD&TOP games,
in the end of the song they put Korean flag
(maybe smt to do with Mar 1 , Korean Independence day or smtg ?)

9. Strong Baby (Seungri solo) » Seungri as Rambo with gun and laser firing the audiences.heh, maknae look so thin but still hot >_< in his tank top LOL

10. What Can I Do (Seungri solo) » SHUFFLE DANCES!! :)))

11. Gara Gara Go » YB wears his sparkly skeleton pants from his concept pics

12. Number 1

*3rd speech » G-Ri moments here kkk~~
GD seems so happy and grateful to his fans.
Dae and TOP asked audiences about their new colored hairstyles.

13. Cafe » new concept performance, and saw YB’s tattoo on his right ribs, cross-shaped one.
HUGE one! Boy went all out for his first(?) tattoo >_<

14. Bad Boy » Superb performance as always.
VIPs sang out loud though they didn't really remember the lyrics very well just yet.

15. Blue » interesting choreo. When them boys lied down, crowd went wild. :DD
And GD is gracefully manly dancing his way through out the song.

16. Ain’t no Fun » The choreo is so much fun!! them boys kicking their legs in the air.
There's bed and everything. Lots of moments XDDD

17. Love Dust » Nice choreo, reminds me of 'What is right' choreo.

18. Love Song » TOP suddenly left alone on the stage, I thought he's gonna sing his solo,
but he sings the Love Song's lines. And members follow suits.

19. Only Look At Me (YB Solo) » his opening is black dragon :D

20. Wedding Dress (YB Solo)

*YB dance (where u at instr)

VIPs chanting is beyond daebak!

21. Wings (Dae solo) » The SMILING ANGELS!
The chant was so loud,that we got goosebumps.
Saw some VIPs crying seeing Daesung on stage again.
Even I'm on the edge of breaking down too.
suddenly, WINGS!!!!
He's flying!!!!
Especially love the choreo,especially when dancers hugging him!
Wow, his voice is super duper great!!

22. Haru Haru accoustic » VIPs sangalong.

*speech again, Seungri said smt - obviously I don't understand.

23. Lie » Seungri said “yeorobeun, saranghaeyo”

24. Last Farewell » Seungri throw his handkerchief (?), YB throw his tank top almost all the time through out the concert. I was envious to death!

Encore: VIPs chanted 'Saranghae' instead of encore

25. Sunset Glow » forever covered Tabi wears alive hoodie lol

26. Heaven » Dae throw his hoodie, just realized GD’s got 2 new tattoos, YB throw his t-shirt

Notes :

* They didn’t say their usual greeting (annyeong haseyo, we’re Big Bang!)

* TOP’s and Dae’s hair LOOKS REALLY GOOD IN PERSON, better than their concept pics ^^

* GD dyed his extension hair bright red

* GD looks happy and grateful to his fans ^^

* YB’s got new tattoo on his right ribs, cross-shaped one

* GD’s got 2 new tattoos.

* 1st day perf always been trial & error perf. Big bang band is quite good but somehow I think it’s not their usual music style. They still need to build more chemistry, let’s hope they could manage in 2 days time for the sake of our DVD recording lol~~

* I felt some sound systems trouble in the middle of the show

* A girl who sit next to me got kicked out of the show for taking fancams… so pls iVIPs, give our kVIPs friends proper credit and respect their wishes for not editing their fantaken pics ^^

P.S. As a VIP I strongly recommend all of u to watch Big Bang live performance if u can, at least once in your life time… their performance is so awesome and u won’t regret it ^^

Reference/Source: Fuckyeah Seungri , my mind.

Day 2: 3/3 /2012- is the stalking day.
We wandered around the stadium, and stalk the whole day.
Bumped into Lydia Paek just after the concert started,
she's making her way into the stadium.
She's just tooo cute! I was sceptical whether to greet her or not,
so I whispered her name to my sister when we walk pass her,
hearing her name, she greeted us, 'Oh,Hello'.
She's toooo adorable! :D

We decided to seat inside the entrance of the gymnasium underneath the concert hall.
With the security team ahjussi. Pretty much like free audio-concert, LOL.
Heard everything , and got super envious sometimes.

VIPs chanted 'Gomawo' instead of 'Encore' today.
Concert ended, like the day before,
We waited outside the hall for couple hours, 
and lucky enough we got to see BIGBANG boys leaving!
TOP made his way to the van while talking on the phone, and at some point before entering the van he stopped,posed and waved to the fans. It's was chaos!! 
Ninja Shot of Tabi whilst trying to save my life.

Daesung is next, he ran out and greeted the VIPs,
he was soooo happy!! and keep waving towards the fans,
Dae even rolled down his window to wave to VIPs.
SeungRi walked out like a boss into his van.
 Meanwhile, GDYB share the huge van,GD went straight inside
 while Taeyang came up the the VIPs, dancing and posing for the fans.
Trying to snap a pic of an active Bae is not really a great idea,
whilst surrounded by excited fans,hence the ninja shot all the way.

I was at the way front,so I got squeezed pretty bad. 
Hence,I did not managed to capture great shot due to busy saving my life.
I'm very amazed how clear & HD & HQ are the ninja shot by K-VIPs.
They're great at taking ninja shots!!
Found new appreciation for the ninja shot that I seen on internet.

Day 3: 4/3/2012
We went early,but a lil bit late for BIGBANG's arrival.
GDYB,DAE &VI came together.
We only manage to see TABI's arrival:D

Ninja Shot again. Teheee, what u expect from a fans-whirlwind?
Look at the security ahjussi,he didn't like my dslr. >_>

The same set list as before,
but a whole better than the 1st day.
It's feels like the BIGSHOW that I've watched in the DVD.
We could feel that BIGBANG is in charge today.

2. Tonight
3. Hands Up
4. Fantastic Baby
5.How Gee ( Segway & Bicycle on stage again)
6. Stupid Liar

*1st speech*
SeungRi told us that today's concert will be recorded in DVD,
so he told us to enjoy the show.

Solos/Duos performances
7. Knock out
8.High High
9.Strong Baby
10.What can I do


*group set again*
11.Gara-gara go
12.Number 1

*2nd speech*
Panda Baby taught VIPs the wiper dance for Fantastic Baby,
and asked us to do 'Seungseungska. Tabi sang Daesung's 'yeyaaayy' part in 'Wings'.

14. Bad Boy
15. Blue
16. Ain't No Fun *cute*
17. Love Dust
18.Love Song

Solos performance 

19.Only Look at me
20. Wedding Dress
21. Where u At

*VIPS sang the whole song for Taeyang,
so he could focus on his dancing*
Taeyang keep on taking off, and throwing his shirtS to fans.
arggh,furiously envious >_

The chant 'Kang Daesung' was the loudest today.
I got goosebumps.

22. Wings
The best ever!

Group again
23. Haru Haru. 
 VIPS really sang out loud,
GD was touched and tearing up.

*third speech*
 Seungri said ' You guys are so good at singing' 
VIPS started singing again, and Seungri imitated YG in Kpop Star,
he said that YG will cast VIPS bcuz VIPs sing so well. 

*Taeyang calmed GD's down. Leader was tearing up*
25. Last Farewell

VIPs chanted 'Hamkkaehae' instead of 'Encore' .
26. Sunset Glow
27. Heaven
 Two huge air balls was brought up and passed on the mosh pit.
With Daesung & Taeyang in it!!
GD did lot-lot-lot of fanservice. He took fan's headband and wore it.
While Seungri is being wild, splashing water to the fans.
Tabi went down the stage sometimes and shook hands with VIPs.
He also stole a VIP's crown headband.
Boys then tried to tore off each other shirts
 but without even trying TABI.haha
They're chasing after each other!
Taeyang chased down GD,but GD refused to. GD: 'Andwaeeee!!' keke
Then Taeyang chased Seungri,.but he escaped.
They went for Daesung, TABI grabbed him from behind, and ripped Dae's shirt.
They managed to take off Daesung's shirt. 
But Dae so shy, he ran back stage and get a vest from staff.
Seungri asked VIPs, 'aren't u guys leaving? The concert has ended!'
TOP rolling Seungri on the stage.

While i was making my way down to leave,
TABI suddenly turn back to the band 
and personally asked them to play 'Fantastic Baby' & GD requested 'Bad Boy'. Whaaatt??! Are we getting double encore today???
kyaaaa,personally requested encore? yes,yes.please.


the band started playing the song again!

GD & Dae shook hands with loooootttts of VIPs in the mosh pit. TABI also kept on walking down to the crowd.
Seungri totally went wild and did vulgar dance!! He's teasing fans, pretending to take off his tank top then said' nananana' as his line in Fantastic Baby.
At some point Tabi seen holding th Korean flag.
Taeyang went completely nuts. GD poured water on the shirtless Bae.
Finally, for the ending, Taeyang stumbled off stage,
seems to hurt his finger :(
anyway, had a blast!

We run our might to catch the boys leaving,
after an hour of anxiously waiting,
the artists started to come out. 
CL being first, she's with the hair that u could see in 'Scream' mv.
Followed by the rest of the members.
Bommie, Minji & CL went to their van while Dara to her car. 

Ninja Shot of Bommie, Minji & Dara.
 CL came earlier.

then, we saw other families & friends of them entering & leaving the hall.
There were other artists too,but I'm not so good at recognizing them in the dark.
Finally, after an hour so,
boys came out,
straight into their van!!!
VIPs shouted 'Andwaeeeeeee!!!' 
Then,suddenly, the van door opened and VI jumped out!!
hahaha,the King of fanservice never disappoint!!
Ninja Shot of Seungri suddenly jumping out of the van!
The fan went nuts!
and squeezed me at the front.

Taeyang, Daesung, Tabi just went straight into vans, waving for fans.
Unlike before, no fanservice like Day 2.
However, it still was special because,
GD bowed deep 90 degrees right before the VIPs,
and said ' KAMSAHAMNIDA'  before entering the van.
VIPs was tearing up. Thanks for the appreciation Kwon Leader.

references: @BBVIPForum @WeLoveDara, @lucywinslet,compiled by: V @bigbangforlife /kaori21bangs

p/s: note that only ninja shot due to the security ahjussis. 
They're pretty tight through out the night.
I obviously pretended not taking picture as I'm holding my dslr down
around my chest level or wherever.
I just snapped whenever the artists came out.ANd getting squeezed at the same time.
 Hence,some picture is blurred and in weird position/level. 
However, despite being crashed,I think I'm lucky enough to be at the way front.

Thank you so much for reading!
Sorry that it took so long for me to finish this. 
My internet connection is super-duper slow.


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  2. Reading this was a looked back for me.... re-lived the memories of my ALIVE in Seoul experience... NICE BLOG :)

  3. Is it hard to get the ticket ? Sbb saya nak pergi concert bigbang kat korea for their upcoming comeback tapi tak tau macam mana nak beli ticket. Kalau beli at the venue, takut sold out. 😣

    1. Ponti Kudikk: Hi.. yeap,it could get tough sometimes..having Korean friend would be lovely cuz you can ask them to purchase for you.. OR.. on the concert date,at the venue,be the FIRST one on the queue at ticket booth, and you'll surely secure ticket! yay! Jangan bimbang, ticket booth memang akan ada ticket! :D


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