Saturday, December 24, 2011

Al-Fatihah,I lost a friend..

A friend of mine,Hadinor Zafan or Hadi as i called him passed away today,in a car accident.
He was one of my not so many close friends. This is totally shocking,I'm shivering as i received the message.
May his soul rest in peace & may Allah swt bless him.
Al-fatihah. T_T

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*EDIT on 25/12/2011

That was yesterday, i was in so much shocked and i'm trembling as i read the message.
The feeling is so weird, yes,because he's quite close to me.
The sadness is beyond the eyes could cry. I'd say empty is more correct.
Hearing the news of him passed away left a huge hole,empty hole inside my heart.
So,this edit is gonna be about remembering him. :'(

I knew him from my diploma days,he's a student transferred from UiTM Sarawak
(if i'm not mistaken).
I'm not his lecture mate at the time(yet),just a course mate.
However I'm the girl that befriended with the boys,so.
Well, actually a 'used to be close friend' of mine kinda has this crush over him.
She never told me,but i knew it,she's my friend for years,how would i not know.
He was her lecture mate, she would came back to our room and tell me about him.
That's why even before i got to know him,i felt comfortable around him.
He was always a bright,relax,happy-go-lucky person.
He rarely throw any tantrum or go mad at others.
We gotten closer,i think during our final year.
I would be studying & doing my revision with the boys at the library,
we studied and ate spent hella loads of time at the library,
and from there our friendship blossomed.
He even left his motorcycle at my house during the semester breaks.
And he usually would randomly gave me calls,
asking upon me & his motor during semester breaks.
Even after that, we both further our degree,also in the same course & campus.
We became lecture mate,and the rest is history.
We became quite of buddies,and we did have a great friendship until the end.
Glad for that.
Hadinor Zafan B Jasman( the one at the back)
I've had great times & only had great memories about & with you,
Thank you for being a friend,in my ups & downs.
I'm sorry for that you left us so early.
Aku halalkan segala2 antara kau & aku,
harap2 kau pun ,mcm tu jgk.
Allah swt loves you even more.
Only prayers i could say for you now.


  1. that's his perk.

    A FRIEND. i'm not so close,
    not as close as yo maybe. but,
    he treat me as i'm a brother...

    HADINOR, i know you can hear me.

    i'll be missing you brother.

    and take note that you'll not catch me with tears.
    because thinking of you already make me smiled!

    May be meet again one day!


    Al Fatihah!


  2. aduh dik...sedih akak baca pasal cousin akak ni....hadi mcm adik akak sendiri..kami membesar bersama, main sama2...tidor pun sama....ikutkan kalau dia selamat balik kami hangout...api ajal maut di tangan tuhan...kami amat2 rasa akan kehilangannya....sebab kami amat2 menanti kepulangannya.....sebulan kami tak jmpa sebab last dia blik kl bulan 11 hari last dia pergi kami tak dapat pun cium dia......its really tough to us...thanks for being his friend....jngan lupa doakan kesejahteraan dia dan sedekahkan alfatihah untuknya....Al-Fatihah

  3. T_T al-fatihah.keep him in our prayers & thoughts


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