Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Grey-Haired Lovers

Oh my goodness,this is thus far the sweetest episodes of screening humanity aired by KBSW.
It's Sunday, and there's a rerun for the Screening Humanity.
This is one of the slots that i enjoy watching over the years.
For today's episode it's a love story,of the grey-haired lovers. kekeke.
I can't help but to smile,giggle watching them, and of course, made me teary eyes.
The couple none other than ordinary people, been married to each other for 73 years.
Had 12 children and live a great-happy-long lives.
The 'haraboji' is 94 and his wife is 87 years old.
Yet they're so sweet to each other,and treat each other very lovingly,still,
after those looong years.
I kinda miss my grandma so much watching it.
The haraboji is very playful,happy-go-lucky, sweet man.
He loves halmoni very much,and never been shy to show it.
Halmoni lives a great life with him by her side.
The halmoni is very sweet, 'gomawo' never stay far from her mouth.
She always thanks haraboji, and always told him that she love him. ~aww..
Same goes to haraboji,always teasing halmoni and making the love gesture to her.
Her days never lack of giggling,and laughing.
Both of them stay in a remote area in Gangwon-do,
agreed not to be burden to their children.They lead a very simple life.

When asked about their secret for being together for so long,
both of them said : never change your feelings towards each other.
Haraboji strongly stressed that : man should provide great thing only to his wife,and treat her well all the time.
ANd halmoni,never lack of love, from her words to her actions..that's why they lives a very long life. Even some of their children already passed away.

The most heart-breaking for me was when, haraboji & halmoni out for a walk on autumn day.
Hand-in-hands they both walked to a piece of land that haraboji bought for them.
They want to be buried there.
Halmoni asked the cameraman to snap picture of them together under the pine trees.

What a great love story.
I wish them great-happy life!


  1. Hey i too really loved this Documentry.
    I really wish to watch it again with my family.
    Is it possible to watch through youtube or other website???
    If any link is their please post.

  2. Hi Jack,i've been searching for the videos too,but none available. However,i'll make sure to put the link if there's any soon. :D

  3. Suka tengok Screening Humanity juga! Boleh tgk kehidupan rakyat Korea ^_^ Tapi susahlah nak cr vid program ni dkt youtube.

    Sejak KBS tukar siaran, dah jarang tgk. Last year rajin la tgk sbb petang2.

    Lagi satu program yg lebih kurang mcm ni tajuk, 3 Days.

  4. ^^ antara favorites sy jgk tu. sy ni layan jnis documentary, 3days,screening humanity,even korean cuisines tu pun lyn jgk. A'ah,sjk tukar siaran ni pening dah. nasib baik 1n2d,ultimate fav xde la tukar sgt..


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