Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thought on Accounting

The end is still so far! Fighting!!!!!

I'm having a little difficulties with my Accounting subject right now.
Talked to my lecturer and argh,hurt my feeling only.
She didn't really wanna care.

I don't know why, after all these years of learning/studying Accounting,
my brain seems like it's very-very-very empty nowadays..
like zero account-knowledge..where on earth all my knowledge gone? :(
I hate it when even lecture-mates didn't even ask me on account anymore these days..
Back then,I'm the IT person to turn to..
B-b-but now,they just ignored me..
argh,you all just befriend me because of my knowledge?
Life's sucks >_<" ~your life that is~

So now,backup plan,backup plan...
I'll have to doubled/tripled my effort for this one,
or I'll be dead :((
Account,account..after all these years of trying to love you...
Why can't you be more loveable and understanding towards me...
Why you always so tough? My brain's gonna explode!
Could you be kind to me,until I finished my under-grad & post-grad?
I hate you but love you enough to let myself suffer &
going through all this hardship because of you.
Oh Accounting..please be good to me.

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