Friday, November 25, 2011


Lets discuss about cost today.

1000 KRW= 2.726 MYR
hence, 10 000 KRW = 27.262 MYR.
Thus; MYR 10= moreless 3+++ KRW

Then let me tell you about place I'm living in.
I live in a state called Kelantan,at east coast of Malaysia.
In this state, living cost is particularly low,compared to other states of Malaysia.
And the district I'm staying is one of the most cheaper ones.
Kota Bharu is quite expensive,but still, affordable for many.
Machang on the other hand, is very tiny-small-lil-place,
though it's a Uni town,which home to UiTM Machang Campus,
the living cost is still very affordable.
The word is 'CHEAP'! = Ssan!
Everything is cheap in this part of the world. (Ask Andy if u don't believe me,he's been here.)
And I ain't complaining. (^_^)v

Let see...
With 27.26 MYR (10 000 KRW) in Kelantan, i could:
Filled my car's tank; 20 MYR and off to KB.
Or even cheaper,if i take the bus it'll be MYR 8.++ return trip to KB.
Then even eat heavenly meal with the balance.

Then let see..
With 10 000 KRW (27.28 MYR) in Korea,i might could:
A bowl of bibimbap; 6000 KRW
Bus ride/transportation;might be 4000KRW.

At first,I'm slightly worried about changing my view on cost.
However,I can't be comparing KRW with MYR,especially with my cheap living cost.
Now,I tell myself that I should treat 1000 KRW just like how i treat 1 MYR.
So that i wont be too shocked paying to 6000 KRW worth of food when i visits Korea.

hahaha,notice how i used food for comparison. yes,it's essential for me :P


  1. "treat 1000 KRW just like how i treat 1 MYR."

    betul betul betul. anggaplah 1000 WON itu 1 RINGGIT. kalau tidak.... confirm tak bersoppim nnti ^^

    tp, frm my experience kan, otak akan secara rajin dan pantas mengconvertakan WON ke RM nnti..hehe...
    ignore je jln penyelesaian dia...

    hmm... bila fiqah nak pergi korea?

  2. ^^,sebenarnya hypnotize diri je kan.haha. nk g Feb nt.. t'serempak dgn blog awk pun sbb duk search sal SK during Feb la.hehe. sejuk sgt2 ke time tu?

  3. hihihh... betul tu... just treat 1000 won tu as RM1 .. jer... baru sedap hati nak beli itu ini... tapi ikutkan nilai, mmg 1000 won tu mcm singgit kite jer pun... naik subway pun one way 1000 won...

    so ur going in Feb as well? hihih me too... Feb mmg still sejuk.. still winter kan....

  4. jan, feb mmg sejuk sgt. tp sy b'nasib baik sbb hr sy sampai tu setakat -8 degree celcius je. sbb ada yg drop sampai belas-belas kan...

    sejuk tp syok..hehe...jalan tak berpeluh tu yg best. lg1 bwk veselin ke lotion ke..sapu dkt tepi bibir n dkt kaki. nnti kulit kering. yg mulut tu kalo bole tutup-tutup. huuhuu.pedih nnti sebab t'dedah kt udara sejuk melampau. mcm sy mmg tak ada sape pesan, so, mmg 2nd day tu sampai 2 hari kt kl duk pedih mulut...

  5. Azra: a'ah..Feb, sy awl skit dr awk.hehe,nt kalo jumpa kt sana boleh la jln skali.haha :D

    Littlenailofar: Oh,ok ok. great advice tu! Thanks!! :D hehe


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