Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lee Seung Gi is BACK into music scene!

Lee Seung Gi the singer is BACK!!
After taking quite a long break from his pro-singing career to focus on acting and MC-ing.
With Shining Inheritance and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, under his belt,
he is now an established actor!

Same goes to his talent in MC-ing.
Be it on 1N2D or Strong Heart, he handles it like a pro.

And now Lee Seung Gi the all-around entertainer is back to what he does BEST,singing!

with his new album,titled 'Tonight'
(same as BIGBANG's comeback album, also titled TONIGHT).
With the single ' Alone In Love' he's killing almost every charts available in Korea.
Don't forget to check out my friend's blog;
dedicated for Lee Seung Gi and his airens! (me included),click HERE.
as well as follow her on twitter at @LsgAirenInt
Also, here's the official page for Lee Seung Gi by HOOK
So for everyone that wanted to buy Lee Seung Gi's fifth album,
here's the link to YESASIA where the album comes with poster in-tube!
only RM 74.78 ! pre-order now airens! :D
But since Yesasia doesn't contribute to chart in Korea, you can click here,
for your purchase to be counted and contributed into charts rankings.

Hold on!
before you leave,
just want to let you know that
Lee Seung Gi now
has his official Youtube page!

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  1. sy suka lagu alone in love...sweettttttttt sgt2



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