Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Unaware or Plain Ignorance?

That is the question that running through my mind every single day as I'm driving to and from my campus,which now located at Kota Bharu. Not trying to bitching around,but i do wonder, do they realised what is the main purpose of the double lanes or maybe triple lanes? In Kelantan,no offence,rather than unaware, people seems to be plain ignorance about the usage of the multiple lanes. The slower cars usually 'cruising' at slower than 50kmh at the most right lane,not to mention and also at the left lane! and the other cars that NEED to go faster will have to do some dangerous move, zig-zag around,cilok here and there just to avoid them! :( All this wasn't supposed to happen since the multiple lanes road/highway were made to facilitate people travelling around. This unawareness and ignorance giving me plain-major headache every single day!

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