Friday, August 12, 2011

1n2d,but no Hodong?

1N2D is one of the most hit/successful variety show in Korea, airing on Sunday via Happy Sunday slot. The program brings laughter and happiness to viewers living room for many years. Even make me anticipating every other weekends just to watch the show. I'm such a big fan of 1N2D, and I've been supporting the show ever since 2007, saw many changes, sent Jongmin to army and even welcomed him back to the show, cried my heart out when Kim C left and very disappointed when Mc Mong forced to leave the show, and we welcomed Taewoong into our 1n2d family.. yeah, so many ups and downs.. It's something that my family and friends knew very well that i LOVE the 1N2D by heart. It's my weekly dose of happiness. It's my sweet escape.

 However, news coming left and right saying that Kang Hodong., the main MC of the show will be leaving 1N2D. The rumour hit the fans couple of days ago. somehow, the rumours of Hodong's leaving really killed all the mood. Yes, i love Seunggi so much but that's not the only reason i watches 1n2d. It's Hodong's and friends trip that makes me love the show so much. I learned so many things about life and friendship through it and i saw so many places in Korea,thanks to it. Despite many parties denying the rumours, many sources make it look legit.. I'm really at loss of words. Yes,of course i will still support the show even if Hodong really walk away, and of course i totally respect any decision made by the members, it just that it's very hard for me to imagine the  1N2D with no Hodong? Like eating rice with no meat, yeah still edible but no so umph!

No matter what i hope the show will be airing for long-long-long-long matter what..because it's my joy,my happiness,my tears,my sweet escape...
1N2D fighting!!!! :')

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  1. heyyyyy u..cannot la..1n2d is hodong n hodong is can it be???huhuhu.....hope it just a rumor...


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