Sunday, August 7, 2011


Just finished printing out exam's questions that requested by my mom. Urgh, the printer is not working well, even after soooooo many trips to workshop! OMGawd! I want to throw that damn thing out of the house! >:(

This few days is like doing absolutely nothing.well what is there anyway to be done =_="... it's just ordinary fasting lunch.....and when the weather get really-really hot sometime,that's when it's quite challenging. But i'm used to it,so it doesn't really matter to me anymore.

So now you might as well notice how random this post is... well,actually i'm just bored. Nothing's really going on that i don't really have any idea whatsoever to post. But i'm thinking of posting something regarding 'History' since it's August now,however we'll see....if only i could come up with any idea..hmm,until then.. Ramadhan Kareem! (^__^)v

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