Saturday, August 20, 2011


My favorite show is ending in 6 months...Feb 2012.... T_T bad news,really bad news...well,at least for me..whom 1n2d has been part of my life..cheer me up through all these hard time and taught me lesson about life,love,friendship and everything,basically.. Seeing the news on various site the other day, I can't help but to weep T_T... Yes,there's still 6 months left but how do i face each episodes knowing that the ending is coming...Nooo, oh time,please go as slow as you can..let me prepare for this separation... My life basically is shaped by 1N2D, I've been arranging my activities around it, just to ensure I didn't miss an episode. Even my family acknowledge this. They barely  get in my way when it's time for 1n2d,they knew that this is my only escape from this harsh world. Frankly speaking, everybody in my little family knew the cast by heart. Even dad is a huge fan! And with an ending announced earlier,how do i face the near future? Yes,of course i'll be fine without it.Maybe you think i'm over-exaggerating  about the news,but how do i react??Tell me! For something that had been part of me since 2007,seems like i'm gonna lose part of me again... Remember i lose a friend of 5 years before?yes,it's deja-vu all over again. Upon hearing the news,I'm literally down with pain in my stomach. That's how i love the show. Anyway,instead of weeping over this last few months, i shall really gather my strength to enjoy everything and cherish every single moment. 1N2D Hwaiting!

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