Sunday, September 18, 2011

JYJ's In Heaven

No,they're not dying or just that their song 'In Heaven' MV is out! i love the song!though some piano parts reminds me of BigBang's Haru-haru piano parts.The MV..T_T it's so sad,it shows that life-death matter are beyond our reach in anyway...i saw a fan said this and many agreed with him/her: *me included.i want to believe it that way too.*

"I agree that the story is cliche, but jyj made this story for a reason. this is actually similar to what happened to jaejoong and his friend Park Yonghwa who committed suicide. He called jaejoong to go and have a drink with him, but jaejoong was in LA recording music so he told PYH he would go the next day. then the next day PYH committed suicide. So i guess jaejoong regrets it and feels like if he had one more chance he would have done things differently.~ cre:heavenskiss5"

Anyway,enjoy the MV! I searched the already romanized & english subbed video for u all,thanks to LoveKpopSubs7!!

*Geojitmal da geojitmal*


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