Monday, September 26, 2011

Korean Music Wave Malaysia 2011~ D A E B A K !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Part i)

(crazy trip,stalking,meeting VIPs,GDTOPRI)

Just how crazy fans could go for their favorite artist? Bwahahaha, I now knew i could go quite crazy and rather quite far if it's for BIGBANG!!

Our close to 1000km or maybe more journey for them BIGBANG's boys begin on the Friday morning when me and my sister took off from our home. Yeah,we did lied a little,as we didn't want any other people knew about this concert,kiki,some sort of white lies. Though we only purchased the free seating tickets,we're so excited to go and see some Bigbang in action! Thanks to Mimie Asyirah for helping us bought the tickets!!

After much deliberation with fellow VIPs,we decided to join them stalking them boys at the airport. Words been saying that they're coming in that Saturday morning from Singapore via SG Airlines. Saturday morning,we're rushing to the KLIA, Mimie texted us that boys will arrived around 9.30-12,not sure. I looked to my watch it's 9 already!!! With all my might, I step onto the pedal,and made it to KLIA by 9.30am,phew,just in time!

Texted Mimie again and we met for the first time! We waited with the VIPs the gate 5 level 3 of international arrival. What can I say,it's so exciting and very fun meeting fellow VIPs. From the 9.30 am that we arrived,it's the game of chasing and running! We're running ups and downs the KLIA accordingly to rumors that's spreading. Finally, about couple of hours after waiting,we could sense their presence!! The security guards we're getting ready and on high alert,they all put their game face,and look like ready to fight through us,the VIPs!! :D Just then,we heard they're coming out from the domestic gate where as we're waiting at international gate! :/ The chasing game is ON again, VIPs started to run outside with all their might!! As we saw them boys walking towards the organizers vans. The security was so tight,the guards making circle around the boys and blocked us from coming any closer to the boys >:(
The KLIA was put on shocked state for a while! WOAHHHH,THEM BOYS ARE LIKE SOOO ALMIGHTY FINE!!!! LIKE A WALKING STATUES,LIKE A LIVING WAX FIGURES!! They didn't really smile and put on their poker face, and Ri,liking all the attention,trying his best to put his 'oh,i'm so cool' >_
Mimie being so lucky got to greet GD with 'Annyeong' and he even replied back.He's too polite to ignore it i guess.kekeke. Ain (fellow VIPs too),even got to hold GD's hand!!! OMONAA! Me?I just forgot about everything!! just O_O @_@ *_* xDDDDDDD

*pictures from Mimie!

At the stadium, I arrived to sea of VIPs queuing!! My goodness,almost like at only BigBang concert! Here and there, VIPs were donning their BIGBANGxUNIQLO Ts,BIGSHOW 2011 Ts,and many more BIGBANG related Ts while holding their crownstick and lightstick and banners. Felt like a YG Family gathering! kekeke We could hear FT Island rehearsing while queing,and when GDTOPRI rehearsing,we all already went nuts a bit!!! We're singing along from outside the stadium! Finally 5.45 they let us in.

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