Saturday, September 3, 2011


AB type are the like wind element, their emotions shift too easily.

AB likes watching comedy type of movies, or they would also prefer watching movies with a lot of love scenes... .__. perverted ABs

when AB falls out of love, friends should always be with them because if they're alone, they'd cry their hearts out.

AB may seem really quiet when you don't know them, but when they're your friends, they'd like to share stories about their life ._.

AB types likes to observe .__.

AB can be compared to ninjas... if they want to come they come, if they feel like going they go. no questions asked.

IF an AB hates you their hate is like a prison: they'll ignore you, pretend you dont exist, and they'll eventually forget you.

AB type likes to take care of people they love, and sometimes too much to the point where it gets annoying.

AB type speaks fluent sarcasm.

AB type likes to relieve their stress/anger/sadness alone, after they've cried enough. They'll be alright again.

If an AB type wants to tell you something, they'll tell you straight away. And if they dont, stop asking them cause it won't happen.

AB type has extremely short attention span .__.

when AB type is alone, its when they'd feel most relaxed. they wont have to live up to anyone's expectation.

AB hates people that repeats the same thing over and over again.. .__. it irritates the crap out of them.

credit: What type are you?

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