Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Glee Project!

The winner is Samuel!!! And also the other winner is Damian!!! trololol!!!

what a TWIST!

Yes,because there's literally not much to be done around here, tv is like my best friend!

This past few weeks I've been into a mini series-a GLEE-ality TV called 'The Glee Project'.

It's basically a show searching for new talent to be included into the popular series of GLEE!

The winner are going to have a character created for them and will be having number of

episodes in the series.

The one that really caught my eyes was Cameron Mitchell!

Though he didn't win and he even actually WALKED AWAY from the competition,

which had gave Damian another chance,

because Damian supposedly had to leave that day,

there's something about Cameron.

His nerdy style working magic on him.

And his voice and style of singing really reminds me of Coldplay a bit.

Please don't let me get into Sam..

He's just has this STAR quality,from the very first moment you see him,

he'll capture your attention! Not only he's good looking, he's also very distinct from others,

his hair, HE IS DIFFERENT! :D

Even more bizarre, in the early stage of the show,

i didn't quite like Damian, but he really is someone that grow into you.

His Scottish accent really warms up to you after a while.

Haha,watching the finale,i realized i'm rooting for him!

and even more,he makes me giggling and all when i saw him and Hannah!

i was so happy when they announced that he's also the winner!

Well, actually all the kids in the Glee Project are different and very special.

I wish them all good luck! :D


Damian's YT Channel

Cameron's YT Channel

p/s: Damian & Cameron are good friend,hence Dameron! xDDD
and Hannah has crush on Damian,hence Dannah!

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