Saturday, September 10, 2011

New Start

It's new semester tomorrow!! Yaay! Rather than excited,I'm actually very nervous coming back to class after looooong break. I'll promise myself to try my very best for this semester. After all this time,I've learned a lot. A lot that I know realized I MUST put myself first!! But yeah,being me, the 1st child,and quite of in the responsible side,I'll be staying at home through out the semester. I'll be going back and forth maybe by car or bus. ^^; THAT really makes me excited! I haven't ride the public transportation(bus) for sooooo long,I mean as my main ride. I'll try my best to update this blog after this. Kekeke,life as a student could be pretty busy. And most importantly I'll make sure our preparation for our first backpack trip will be done as time goes by! *money,i need more money!*
And that's it!! fighting!fighting!! Wish me good luck ya!!~ (^_~)v

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