Saturday, July 3, 2010

how do i stumble into kpop's world?

when i was a kid,
i growing up watching lots of western movie,
i'm really familiar with western culture at that time,
& shame on me, the only artist from my country that i now at that time is SENARIO.
the only..=_=.. i know,what a shame..
my mum restricted me from watching tv at that time,
but i happens to watch a lots of English movies.

growing up, it's just weird for me to adjust to my own culture,
but i did pretty good job,
i'm a flexible-minded girl,
i change accordingly to the situation.

it's year 1999, when i started to get sick over western movies & series,
that's when i tried to listen & get to know about Hindi film..
& blaah, SRK is a great actor,but it's just not ME.

in 2000,
i looked out for other country,
i came across Japan,
they were so huge with their J-pop at that time..
i kinda like it very much more compared to other,
i have this huge crush over TAKUYA KIMURA at that point,
i really love his drama, Long Vacation the most:D
i would watch his other dramas, films & even listen to his music-SMAP.
i'm really enjoying my time,
when Kyoko Fukada teamed up with Won Bin for a movie titled FRIEND,
i was like Won who?? Won Bin?? who's he??

& my craze for kpop begun!!!
thanks to Won Bin,
his role in Autumn In My Heart,totally jjang!
i now have my new interest..
i went crazy over K-pop,

it's 2002,when the WC Korea-Japan held there,
there a bunch of artist that cheering for their national team,
one of them happens to be Lee Seung Gi,
yes,the young-adorable Seunggi caught my attention..
i did some research about him,
but too bad, at that time he's not as popular as he's now.
eventho there's Suju & DBSK,etc..
i just dun like them..just not me.

2004, Rain came along,
\(^_^)/ weheee, i love Rain so much!!

that's when Lee Seung Gi song: Because u're my woman came out,
it's the song that shot Seung Gi to a higher level,
i'm so proud of both of them,
after years of training,both Seunggi & Rain did a great job:)
the only article about Seunggi,back then

look at him now:D

it's late 2007 when i first heard Big Bang's songs,
2008,their 'the making of Big Bang' show aired on MTV ASIA,
--> the making of BIG BANG time
,now,they're making headlines everywhere:D

& ever since that moment,
i only ship Rain, Lee seung gi, Big Bang & YG family..YES,only them:)

if u know them,u'll see, all of them share the same traits,
not only captured me with their music,
but also amazed me with their personalities,work ethics & clean image
they truly inspired me in many ways:D

thru Kpop i met so many awesome friends,
VIPz is full of love & very-very cool,
Airens is just too cute,
Clouds is great too.
after so many year being K-pop's shipper,
i still love them very much:D
& i'm gonna continue to ship K-pop,
in so many years to come.

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