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*warning: pictures heavy post*

What more a VIP could say when BIGBANG taking the stage in Malaysia last Sat.
The super long awaited BIGBANG's finally here!
Held at Stadium Merdeka,it made history
as the first and only outdoor venue (outside Korea)

~fanboys,fangirls VIPS alike..all armed & proudly marching to Stadium Merdeka~

Such a one of a kind concert and
 said to be one of large scale concert 
in Malaysia after MJ's concert a decade ago.

The outdoor stadium packed with some 15000 fans,
that's a huge number for concert in Malaysia.
VIPs came armed and prepared with ponchos!
*Wings & Alive*

We (me,lil sis & lil bro) went earlier to wander & mingle around
and of course to grab us some official concert merchandise!
It's not that early anyway,it's under scorching noon hours.
The KL sun was soooooo bright and extremely hot during the day.
 I even got my arms TANNED!
 from the Q-ing to buy the official concert goodies.

some official merchandises we bought

We met so many VIPs (of course) at the venue!
Reunited with Mimie & Iefa,

VIPs gang that made it to BIGSHOW KOREA 2012 together!
Reminds me of time we spent, braved the icy-coldness in front of YG HQ
just for BB.haha.oh memories.

Also reunited with the KMW 2011 VIPs friend. it's been a year guys!

Haha. We also met Pookie (@pookiegoz), the lucky Thai VIPs,
owner of the ultimate VIP room
as well as lucky cap once wore by TOP on stage
and given back to her by TOP himself.
I'm stoked to even see the cap.haha

Then the heat really got us.
We're super tired.. and I think I almost faint..
So we decided to rush back to our hotel at Petaling St
for quick recharging and outfit change! Ha! :D

Later on that day,it's pouring lightly,
lucky we've got our ponchos ready!

Funny thing was, my friends and lil sis,
was asked by Hwangssabu-nim from inside the stadium 
to do the Hwangssabu Rules posture,
in their raincoat! haha. 
After some gestures negotiations,they agreed and posed for him..
Ssabu came closer to the rails and snap pic,
 (this when the fans went nuts, they didn't know whats going on)
he then step back and bowed to thank them.
I was at the back,across the street,in pink poncho, watching the whole thing!
Ssabu-nim later Instagramed the pic asking people to search the hidden Ssabu's rules. *sweet*
Mimie said, mission accomplished! To be IG-ed by Ssabu-nim.

by 6pm the concert goers were allowed to enter the venue.
The rain was pouring lightly by that time..

It was raining so hard juuuuuuust before the concert started!
But the loyal VIPs,as we all knew it, waited and cheered despite the rain.
VIPs sangalong to the MVs played,and having fun time, wet!!
We waited patiently, knowing there's no need to rush things up :P

~VIPs just hanging out coolly waiting for rain to stop~

Then the skies suddenly cleared up and the rain stopped!
It was BIGBANG magic!
They took the stage and the rest was history!

BIGBANG kick off the concert with their usual capsules-galaxy thingy,
strutting 1.ALIVE(Intro) as they greeted the MyVIPs.

GD: Whazzup Malaysia!
Make some noise!!

Then continued with 2.TONIGHT. (GDTOP rapped in English)

continued with.. 3.HANDS UP
GD : A yo Malaysia, are you guys ready to partaaayy tonight?!

Song ended..
A yo, Malaysia!
How ya guys feeling out there?

GD: wazzup Malaysia, make some noise! 
Finally we are here!!
* introducing themselves*
I'm G-Dragon, Nice to meet you.
We're gonna make it special tonight.
Please enjoy the show, aight!! Thank you!

SeungRi: Good evening ladies, good evening gentlemen, good to see you!

Dae: Wazzup Malaysia! 
Wazzup Malaysia, 
Nice to meet you!
I'm Daesung!

TOP: I'm excited to see this.
Good evening Malaysia, I'm TOP.

YB: Yo Malaysia, say my name! 
From the top,say my name!
Yo lets do this!
Say yeaahhh.~

GD: How ya feeling tonight?

YB: Tonight,we're gonna make you fantastic!

GD: Leggo!!

*some of pictures I snap for the sake of memories*

GD in front of me.. I died
I died at GD's sight
RiRi in front of me.. I died
G-Ri in front of me...I died

Dae in front of me...I died
the yellow sea of crownstick

GD: How ya feeling tonight?

YB: Tonight,we're gonna make you fantastic!

GD: Leggo!!

then boys took position and it's time for 4.FANTASTIC BABY!

They disappeared and come again for
YB with his ride~

continued on with 6.STUPID LIAR.
The stage was lifted this time.

Then GDTOP disappeared for outfit change
 and to prepare for their combo stage.
YB-Dae-SeungRi took charge and had a talking session.

How you feeling tonight Malaysia?!
No rain can stop us! 
We don't care!
So welcome to 2012 BIGBANG ALIVE TOUR, 
finally, we ARE here! 
we are so excited right now.
So many people. 
I love this place *giggles* 
This country's awesome!
How about you? *asking YB*

Young Bae: 

Yo Malaysia,I know you guys been waiting for long time,
so we're excited too.
 I hope you guys enjoy the show eventho it's raining. 
I'll do my best eventho I slipped it out.
*doing slipping gestures*
So I really hope you guys gonna enjoy the show 
bcuz we gonna rock yo!
Malaysia, are you ready to party?
True dat?!
Yo anyway, Daesung, how ya feeling?
*VIPs laughed at him*


I was looking forward for the world tour to see you guys.
I've prepared some new stuff for you guys.
But I can't tell you right now,please look forward to it.
*fans chanted Daesung's name*
*he giggles and responded shyly*
I love you too. I hope you guys enjoy the show.


Yo SeungRi, why don't you teach them how to dance fantastic baby.

SeungRi: You want? 

*VIP: yeahhhh*
Err... Lemme.Check this out.
First, like this *pointing out his arm*
like car's like 
easy right?
yeah lets do this, from the top! 2,3,4
1,2,3,4... 1,2,3,4...1,2,3,4 and 1,2,3,4
*Dae missed the timing,cute!*

YB: Yo, dance..wohooo..

I wanna dance-dance-dance..
*SeungRi beatboxing to YB's dancing*


Taeyang, Aku cinta padamu!
Taeyang, Aku cinta padamu!
I Love you.


Malaysia, Aku cinta padamu!
*YB rapping to Aku cinta padamu*

Apa Khabar?! 
*try to shake YB's hand*


Satu Dua Tiga Empat 
*dancing,laughing and being silly*

Dae goes to YB:

Please introduce the next stage 


Next stage, Korea's two most wanted.
Yo seungRi, drop the beat..
*Seungri beatbox to YB's singing Knock Out with VIPs*

GDTOP took the stage with 7.Knock Out
The chant for KO is so loud!
Well, there's sooo many fanboys that night hence the powerful chant!
*hats off you fanboys*

This is incredible.
you guys are the best!!

Say yeah!
Say Ah-haa,
say ah-haa

 when I say SWAG, you say CHECK!
when I say SWAG, you say CHECK!
Say OK, OK,
Say Na na na,
say High-high

& it's time for 8.High High. 
Middle of the song,
GD lied down on the stage,
looking up at the female dancers passing by?!
wtf JiYongie! haahah
*double combo,superb duo, truly Korea's most wanted*

Then SeungRi take over with helicopter's/spy action like set..
performing his 9.Strong Baby 
*maknae's so FINE~~*
he has some solo dancing part before continued on with
10.What can I do.

 A yo Malaysia, everybody jump! Come on!

oh btw, the dancers are all very pretty & handsome! haha *swooned* :Q

Then the 5 boys take the stage again,
it's 11.Gara Gara Go time!
SeungRi did slipped a bit during dance bridge.
TOP looked concerned.
their outfit really caught my attention.
there's a word ' BOY ' somehow..
heh,talk about coordination!

TOP in front of me..I died.

Next was 12.Number 1!

Everybody in da house(or smtg), jump!
Malaysia,come on!
 Lets do it again! 

Suddenly mood change,mic stands appeared..
it's 13.Cafe!
their word.

Talking session again

What a great night. You guys having fun tonight?
TOP,how ya feeling?
*asking TOP*


Fantastic Baby. It's good to meet you all.
I never thought that I could see this many people in here.
I thanked you *nodding his head*


Yo,I;d like to ask you guys..
Did you guys check GD's solo album?!
*VIPS: yeeeaahhhh*
Did you guys buy it?!
*VIPs: mixed (yes and no) *how cool* haha
Yo, GD get you cray on!

Boys started to beatbox to CrayOn & 1OAK

Impromptu solo stage for GD
15.One Of a Kind
*the fanchant was awesome*

Ok,lets move on to next stage.
Next song is my favorite song from BIGBANG,
it's called ..
neaga saranghaneun-naneun sorry imma bad boy
*singing to BAD BOY*
Letsgo bad boy.

Next was 16.BAD BOY
It was awesome.

The lighting and set up changed to blue themed..
It's 17.BLUE..
members' outfit changed..GD wore skirt!
The stage was wet, so the boys were hesitant to lie down
(it's part of the blue choreo)
GD & Dae ended up lying down briefly
after some laughing & giggling among them
 and get up abruptly,
while SeungRi and TOP never bother to lie down
and they laughed out at GD & Dae for lying down on wet stage!
haha silly boys! xDD
Mean time,it's mission blue for BLUE stage.
and it's a successful one!
The stadium turned blue for a while.

Dae was impressed.
you could see clearly he's like 'WOW' in some fancams.

Other members disappeared..
TOP walked down the center stage,
he then kick off the 18.LOVE SONG
MyVIPs went into frenzy mode again.

(i think MyVIPs went into frenzy mode each and
everytime BB sings,talk,smile,at everything em boys do)

Continued with 19.MONSTER
the chant and sing-along was daebak!

Next was 20.Feeling.
It was so much fun during feeling stage. xD

Now it's YoungBae's solo stage..
He appeared alone at stage center..with a mic stand.
Singing to mash-up of
21.Naman Barabwa
and 22. Wedding Dress..
he slipped couple times due to wet stage,
but still managed to continue on with his performances.
No worries cuz VIPs got his back,
chanted and sing along to the songs.

Then it's time to fly with Dae!
It's my fav stage in Bigshow 2012.
I wonder how they gonna pull it out,
since Stadium Merdeka is an open-air stadium..
so there's no flying action from Dae.
I think partly due to the weather too.
Nevertheless, Dae was sooooo happy that night.
VIPs cheered and roots for him,
you could see on his face.
Dae's having great time.I'm happy toooo!

The next stage was the most awaited song,
24.Haru Haru
boys appeared seated on chairs..
and in another white themed outfit..
VIPs singalong to every single lyrics.
In the middle of the song:

You guys love this song right?
Please sing it for me now.
Malaysia come on now.
1,2,3 go!
*VIP: singing as requested*
GD: Aw,beautiful~

Song ended and whole stadium sang
'Happy Bday to Teee-Oooo-Peeeee'
to celebrate TOP's upcoming bday,this 4th Nov.

Happy bday to you!!

*VIPs singing Happy Bday again*

TOP's clapping his hands to VIPs.

 Wow, TOP,happy birthday!


Happy birthday!
Show me ur move,show me ur move!

TOP's bowed and smiles shyly.

GD then asked TOP to say something to fans in Korean,
and TOP's thanking in Korean and said he loved it.
VIPs chanted his name, TOP! TOP! TOP!
he responded with...

Terima Kashih~~Nae,Kamsahamnida.
*he did heart-shape gesture with his hand, shyly*


Erm,now the show is heading to the end.Errmm..
I know..I know..Hehe
But it's not all over yet,
 so do you want more right??
 We got some more too.
Don't worry about it.
Ok,erm.I'm having such a great time in here.
Thank you Malaysia.
Thank you.


Yo,how ya guys doing so far?
We gotta do it Malaysia.
You guys having fun?!
*VIPs: Yeaaaahhhh*
We had a fantastic time,
thank you for such a memorable time,
I hope you guys keep supporting us.
Eventho it's time to say goodbye,



we promised that we're gonna be here very soon.
 I Love Malaysia!


Ok,this is our first night in Malaysia.
We will never forget tonight.
Erm,absolutely amazing you guys..
You guys beautiful tonight,really.Erm,
Every day every night,erm,
we have numbers of show,
but you are THE BEST!
All the bus,posters,photos,etc
*looking at fans*
I've seen them all.
Honestly thank you.
*asking TOP to say something too in Korean*


Nae, It's an honour to be with you guys.
Tonight is all for you.
Thank you Malaysia.
You're amazing crowd.
I'll remember every single faces....
please take care. 
Till the day we meet again..
Thank you so much.


Thank you for welcoming us big time.
Yeah, I love this place!!
You are the best crowd ever.
I knew that you guys will be there for us,
 eventho it's raining.
So thank you so much.
I love you Malaysia.
Thank you.


*VIPS chanted Dae's name*
Ok, this tour is very special to me.
Erm,because I love the laughs,
and I'm so happy to visit to,
all of you guys all around the world.
We will try the best for you guys.
And also I will be coming back
Thank you for supporting us.
We love you.


Yo, We love you Malaysia.


Malaysia Macho!


Yo, we hope you guys enjoy the show till the end.

now it's time to say goodbye.
Lets go.
What's more?


Lets go, LIE!

Continued on with

Put your hands up in the air,
throw your hands up in the air.


Please sing together!

Put your hands up in the air,
throw your hands up in the air.

towards the end of the song,

Thank you! 

and finally,

It's the end of the concert.
However, VIPs didn't even move an inch.
We want more,of course!
While we're waiting for the encore..

You guys know this song?
na ni na ni na...
It's the mother mother B I G


BIGBANG motherf!!


na ni na ni na...
It's the mother mother B I G

BIGBANG motherf!!


What the hell are you waiting for?
Can we get an encore, do you want MORE?


Can we get an encore, do you want mooooreee?


You guys ready?!


You guys ready?!
Ok lets go!!


VIPs singalong to the whole song,
it's the VIP-anthem,
a must sing!

In the middle of the song,

Thank you all.
We love you all.


Malaysia, Aku cinta padamu!

Towards the end, BIGBANG's boys thanking the crew and crowd.

Yo VIPs,
I'd like to introduce my band..
Bass Omar , Bass Omar!
Guitar Guitar Justin Justin!
Yo this guy's gonna be married soon yo, music director!
Keyboard Dante,Dante,Dante!
and bboys..bboys
Yo check these ladies!
My beautiful ladies, CRAZY!
Cheol Jun,SOL Lee,
who else?!


We always missed one guy..AB/AP 


Malaysia, ....
so on..
*am not sure what they're saying*

Continue singing

Song ended.

Malaysia Bagus!


Malaysia,aku cinta padamu!
aku cinta padamu!
aku cinta padamu!
aku cinta padamu!
Thank you!

Thank you, Malaysia cantik!

Can we get an encore,do you want more?


We can't, we can't let you go like this.
I'll do my best. 
Lets go bad boy one more!


say la la la 
la la la
say eh eehhh
eh eehhh

Song ended.

Malaysia, do you know Fantastic Baby dance?

29.Fantastic Baby

*SeungRi was doing his routine Alive recording,
check it out at BIGBANG's official FB or YT*

GD dancing around the stage egde close to us.
He threw his varsity jacket and head towel to rockpit nearby.
I nosebleeding,fainted,died.

Dae also come to the edge near to us.
Dae's seriously having sooooo much fun.
He opened few bottles of water,
drink it a bit before pouring it towards the fans!
Some got onto my lips!! Ahh,best feeling! hahaha
My lil bro said, quite generous went into his mouth
while he's busy sing-along, since he's taller.
Dae even asked the VIPs,

Sing it for me!

TOP turned into dancing machine, THE ChOOM TOP.

SeungRi's so engrossed in recording, he didn't even sing his part.

YoungBae, he's like a hyper kid!
he's everywhere!!! XDDDD

Thank you, 
we love you,
take care!


Selamat Tidur!


That is so so special,
so we gotta do one more song.
What do you want?

*Jiyong listening to VIPs suggestion*

 VIPs suggested so many song,
since so many to choose from..including his solo..
so he said,


then it's 30.HANDS UP time!

They sang the song while enjoying,connecting
and doing fanservice to VIPs for the REAL last time,
it's really ending :'(
But the atmosphere that time was so high,
like the concert was just started,
VIPs so reluctant to let them go just yet.

Terima Kasih Malaysia!

Thank you.

GD: Annyeong.
TOP: Annyeong.

However, them boys still sooooo reluctant to left the stage.
then YB asked,

YB: Drop the beat yo!

Band dropped the 1OAK + LIGHT IT UP mashup beat.

GD: rapping to Happy birthday~

They did impromptu bday event for TOP,
 GD's rapping bday song for TOP..
TOP turned into the ultimate CHOOM TOP!!!
Danced to the beat!
He danced and danced!
He showed us he's not CHOOM TOP for nothing!
TOP did a heart-shaped gesture with his hand over his head.
Boy's soooo silly!

YB danced along,briefly..letting TOP be the main star.
And later on TOP's feeling sooo shy! hahaha
So TOP rapped to,


YB danced and tadaaaa,
the super-cautiously awaited,
a dancing-shirtless YB!!!!

(Malaysia got some strict rules towards shirtless performance, glad that he did it just before the concert ended! Haha, we could tell, he had been patient enough to held in till that moment...)



We love you from the bottom of our hearts!
*gave flying kiss*


I love you
Bye bye


*bid farewell in Korean*

BIGBANG's & VIPs bid farewell to each other..
*waving hands*
this time BIGBANG leave the stage for real.
VIPs were very satisfied and couldn't asked for more.
I've had such a fantastic time that night.
until the next time boys come again,they promised!!

VIPs of course had such fantastic time
BIGBANG's boys seems to enjoy & loved it here.
They let loose,being silly and carefree.
It's the first time,and I really-really hope BIGBANG impressed and remember us!

*some more pictures for to reminds me of 27/10/2012*


Stage crew mopping the wet stage due to rain~

*High-High stage*

My thoughts:
I did record the concert for some time
before decided not to anymore,
and just to enjoy the concert,
but I still snap pic here & there.
The first time ever I invested in VIP tixs,
 huge space for only 600 people,
just imagine..
though there's no gifts or anything special given by organizer,
 I'd say it's kinda worth it.
Seeing them so close like that,
boys make eye-contact and really look at the fans faces,
and we're having much more space than the rockpit people too.
I walked,moved and dancing around during the concert.
It was so much fun.
Fantastic Baby!

GD has a very strong presence.
 He gave off warmth,lovely,boyish,fun and very pleasant vibe,
 totally opposite of the cold-city guy GD which he's known for.
He did the sexy-dance,I died.
He thow his jacket,towel,tho I didn't get it, I died.
 I died everytime he sat in front of me.
He smiled,he laughed, he waved.....I just died.

YoungBae is just like a kid!
He's very spontaneous and unpredictable! haha
He's running around the stage so carefree!
The stage is where he's belong! haha
Dancing is like his game, he could never stop dancing around!!
He did refrained himself from being shirtless,
due to the strict clothing etiquette.
(we could see clearly and really pitied him)
He ripped his T's halfway during his solo stage,
and decided to go shirtless juuuuust before the concert ended!
hahaha Bae can't hold anymore!

 Dae's having so much fun!
He got some great cheer from VIPs that night,
(most loudest I recall)
and that I guess,really turn him ON!
Dae's English surprisingly getting better now,
I bet he's gonna take over reppin BB in English,sooner or later.
Look out YB! haha
He played around and sings like noone's business.
The voice is daebak! Hitting all the notes,hi and low,perfectly!
He even splashed bottles of water to VIPs!
Dae definitely know how to have fun!! :D

TOP is like a lil boy.
He also received some of most loudest cheer from crowd that night.
He kinda look lost but sooo happy!!
One thing, he's very fine!
Though he's not feeling too well that night,
seems coughing here and there,
still he was the ultimate dancing machine,haha
he turned into the CHOOM TOP that night.
And I'm not even exaggerating!
Please look out for the fancams

SeungRi, the panda maknae,
oh my,what can i say?!
he is totally,like everybody been saying..
ruining the bias list like a boss.
Once you see him on stage with your own eyes,
your bias list is ruined! haha trust me!
He's the one that really-really-really look at the VIPs in the eye,
from the stage, he'll search for the fancams,
and really connecting with the VIPs.
Don't be flustered you find he's looking straight at you!
He's more about giving his best fan-service to the VIPs.
You'll be leaving satisfied with his services! :D

The dancers were all so very fine!
I'm having hard time concentrating on BIGBANG
 when they're  dancing in front of me. (naming some)
Deukie,Deukie,Deukie.. he LOVESS the attention fans gave him.
SungMin's so fine! haha, SOL Lee built kinda not what I'm expecting!
Female dancers were all very beautiful and pretty..
Heeyun danced in front me,I was swooned.. why so pretty!?

*Some more pics from me,mimie and iefa as well*


Bonus from Iefa & Mimie
They got selca with Deukie & Cheol Jun at the airport!

Thanks BIGBANG & VIPs.

BS 2013?MAYBE!?



  1. U guys really having fun haaa,...
    really jelous...:)
    Salam kenal

    1. Salam kenal jugak Reen Nisha Lee. Panjangnya nama,nk panggil apa je? Thanks singgah ^_^


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