Friday, December 13, 2013

Final Push

It's Day 92 since the day of last entry..
Last time, I was having such of mood swing,
stupid me, even towards the end of semester,still doubting myself.\
Which I should have not!! Urgh.

By the way, it's the final push before final exam.
In just couple weeks,I'll be free for a while..
Exam schedule is out:

ACG 704 on 2nd Jan.
PSA 721 on 4th Jan.
ACC 721 on 6th Jan.
AIS 710 on 8th Jan.
FMC 700 on 12th Jan.
ACC 723 on 15th Jan.

Do you see the pattern????
It means that I'll have to revise everything from now on!
PSA alone, will include soooooo many articles to be reviewed..
Just thinking about the subjects send chills to my backbone!
Aigoo aigooo aigooooooo...
Lets all survive the final blow,and emerge again next semester,successfully..

Till then, I'll be looking forward to Bigbang's concert..
At least it'll be my goal.
Do well for exams and go all out for BB boys.
Good Luck.
Wish me all the best of luck in the universe.

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