Thursday, February 26, 2015

Simple solutions from everyday products!

While surfing the net, I came across this hack and tricks from our daily products. 
Turns out there are so many simple solutions to everyday problems that we didn't know about.
In a way, it can also be a life-saver in a pinch, especially when we're trying to save up money for the next travel. Jeju Island maybe?

So here are some secrets that could do us wonder!

1. Razor.
We all know that the main purpose of razor is to shave. Lets add one more usage to it.
Spread your fabrics across a flat surface, while pulling the fabrics taut, carefully shave the pilling away from the fabric. It's surprisingly great for getting our clothes looking like brand new again. However, please be careful with the razor not to cut the fabric and also your fingers!

2.Nail polish remover.
Permanent marker is everyone's enemy when it stained our body parts especially our fingers! Worry no more! Just take the nail polish remover and use it to wash-off the permanent marker stain. Nothing stays forever right?!  

3.Flat iron.
While traveling around, it's unlikely that we'll carry the bulky iron with us but we might carry the flat iron. Instead of using it just for hair, use it to de-wrinkle your clothes. Easy right?! 

Every women has lipstick right? When in a mood of wearing blusher and didn't own one. Just use the lipstick. It doubles as blusher in a pinch. Remember, in a pinch!

5.Shaving cream.
Do you know that your shaving cream could be use to remove makeup stains! Apply it,rinse it and see the difference. No need to go for dry clean anymore! Cheap and effective!

6. Coconut Oil.
Pure coconut oil is rich in fatty acids and proteins, we can expect hair to look healthy, shiny and hydrated. Use coconut oil to create a conditioning hair mask before washing it or just to soften the look of split ends when it's dry. A little goes a long way,when using coconut oil,use it sparingly.

7. Yogurt.
Yes,you read it right, YOGURT.
Using curling iron could be dangerous sometimes. If you get a burn on your skin from using curling or flat iron, immediately use plain yogurt to cool down and soothe your skin. Yogurt contains a lot of probiotics, hence it'll help restore the skin's natural barrier.

8.Coffee Filter.
Do you know that coffee filter and blotting papers are made out of similar ingredient? Yep,they are. So, in case when you running out of blotting paper you can always opt for coffee filter! 

9.Baking Soda.
Some of you might already know and been applying this trick though. But yes, baking soda not only used in cooking but also could be use to polish our teeth. Just sprinkle some baking soda on top of our toothpaste. Since it's a mild abrasive, it'll remove stains from coffee,wine,etc and fret not, it won't hurt the enamel on our teeth.

This is an interesting one! Most of the time when buying new shoes, it won't fit well yet and causes us blisters. However, deodorant can help prevent blisters from new shoes. Just apply it around the edges of the shoes and happy feet is guaranteed!

Bonus: Apply Vaseline on your pulse points before spraying on your perfumes to make the scent last longer. It'll hold the fragrance on your skin longer!

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