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DON'T wait until the world hands u what u want,





they're the 5 charmers that will lighten up your day!
i you asked me to choose only one person that i like the most in Big Bang,
you're being harsh on me..(T_T)
it's just because i just cannot choose one
every each of them have their own charm that makes me love them.
but if you asked me to rank them accordingly to who i like the most,
then i will do that for you..

in first place,of course the Leader, G-Dragon!
i really like him the most for who he is~ no other reason..
i can't really point specific characteristic,
but certainly i like him for being himself.
doesn't means that others not being themself though!

i go for T.O.P for the second place.
watching him,all you can say is that,
he's as normal as your bestfriend!
just watching him make me laugh,
well he's trying hard to compose himself in any events,as he's the joker!
guys who can bring laughter really cool!

Daesung is my third choice!
i really love Daesung!
and really don't understand why he's considered as the ugliest boy!??
he's so cute and just tickle my hearts till i cry!
really talented-funny guy,polite and adorable!
seems like a wise choice to spend time with!
cause he's so Daesung!

Tae Yang is my fourth choice.
i always heart Tae Yang.
he's such a gentleman.his groove,fuh...mesmerised me!
he has such a good soul, and funny too.
seems like all them funny right?!

and the maknae,Seung Ri come in fifth place.
i really love him for taking such a great care of the VIPs'.
as he always say in concert,
'we'll serve our VIPs'...
it's really touching when he says that
btw, his overly confident charisma wins me!!

whenever i watches GD on variety show,
it feels like watching your auntie,very talkative n i like it!
he's such a loud-funny-adoreable-yet shyish guy.
he feels close to heart! he got that vibe.
and it's really funny though watching T.O.P shows off
his charismatic side in variety show.
well, i'm not really used to it bcuz he always the funny 'T.O.P hyung' to me..
as i follow them since the beginning,
that 'hyung' is the joker in da house.
anyway,it always feels best when everybody opens up and start doing silly things.
compared to other artists,
without slightest doubt i'll choose Big Bang!

why?! do i really have to tell u?!
Big Bang doesn't stuck in a single genre,
they always have these freshness in their songs and music.
they Raps as tight as ever,
Bangin' like a Rock star,
make us listen to Trot,
groove like the R&B singer,
even sings like a real singer,
don't make me blog about their concert!
it is the most AWESOMESSSSSSSS concert I've ever known!
can u imagine,
during BIG BANG-GREAT concert,
the large crowds sing-along to Lies??!!
their up-beat songs,that even have a rap part in it!!
well, it's a small matter to VIPz,
they just sing-along loud,
that even made Big Bang members shocked!
& lastly, their fanboys is as many as their fangirls,crazy right?!

~well,my Big Bang..
u name it they've done it so far!!
so, Go BIG BANG Go!

[when did I started to become a VIPz?]

it's one very-very-very fine day,
i came across a 'The making of BIG BANG' show,
on MTV Asia back in early 2008,
i was so amazed by ;
their hardwork,
their passion for music,
their personalities,
their willingness,
their great skills,
their music,
basically their everything.

when MTV Asia re-run the show,
end of 2008,
& guess what?
it's 1 a.m in the morning,
I even stayed-up to watch it~AGAIN!!

they are the only group that I looked up for,
their passion always inspire me,
BIG BANG really make me a better person.
through them, not only i got to listen to their great music,
but i also learn to be a better me,
that willing to give my best in every aspects in life.

they're down-to-earth & humble personalities,
makes me really love them.

they're not like normal idols for me,
they're more like friends that inspired me,
they're friends that able to do things that they love most,
never ever give up their dreams.

[ i love all of their songs..]
name it,
any genre....
BIG BANG is the ONLY-again-ONLY-boy group
in Kpop that produce an album
that is WORTH our money buying!!!!
so far,i've collected most of their EPs & concert's DVD,
& i'll continue to do so in future.
my love for Big Bang is out of respect,
of course i'm going to support them until whenever:)


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