Tuesday, November 17, 2009

holiday aka chutey!

cuti sem dh stat,
alamk bosan giler..
t'perap kat umah ajew..

aritu pegi bowl smpai 2game,
mst sbb dh t'lalu buhsan kan..

just finished reading others blog,
a Malaysian that stay in UK,
to be exact,studying there...

lawak btol,
die m'bebel sal kesusahan live together with malays...
i can imagine that,
sbb kalo yg jnis Payah tu mmg Payah..
xde freedom lngsg..
tp lucky u gal,
gotta chance to stdy in UK~envy U

pagi2 cmni,
bgn and online..
dh xde menda laen nk wt..
i sdg b'usaha to lose some weight,
this time real USAHA pny!
i put so many effort,
let's see in couple of weeks,
how i'll turn out...

bosan btol

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