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perihal korea pop entertainment @ kpop

why do i love kpop???
i'm not only talking about the music scenes here,
Kpop to me refers to all of the subs in the entertainment field,
from singers,to actors,to comedians,to announcers,to all that u could think about..

if i have to list it, it would be a very-very long list
but being myself, i enjoy Kpop as a whole,

so lets start with the singers that i love,

Lee Seung Gi-
this guy despite his smile boy image,
has a very powerful voice!
he's a singer-actor-MC-an all round entertainer!
most importantly he got BRAIN~he's an international trade graduate...
now he's on his way to complete his Master,
i just finished watching his drama--->shining inheritance..
wow,never thought that his acting skill had improved so much!


this is the IT group that i love the most!!
BIGBANG is living up to their name,
from songs to image,
gotta say they ROCKs the world!
they're basically major in HIP-HOP,
but through out time,
their music keep evolving as they grow up,
both as person & musician,
now they cover almost all genres in music,
be it R&B, Hip-Hop, Raggae, Rock, Electronica,etc,
name it, they've done it!

moving on to actor..

gong yoo-
he's a GREAT actor.
watak2 yg die dpt sllu ny warm hearted person..
same as the real person lah,
very warm and friendly,
and very masculin of course.
skng ni he still serving in the army,
mmg i can't wait for him to kluar lah..
dh dkat da~8DEC..i wait for u oppa!

lee byung hyun[xsure his name]
i just know that he's a great actor,
sblm ni i xphm nape org suke die,
ye la,die kn dh agak2 b'usia..hehehe
tp bile i tgok his acting skill in IRIS,
i gotta salute him!
die bley blakon melalui eyes expression je..
mmg dasat la..

Comedian/variety show;

kat korea mmg byk variety show,
mmg xlarat i nk keep up,
tp antara yg fav i ialah,
2 Days 1 Night,Entertainment Weekly,
Happy Together,Star Golden Bell,
ChitChat of Beautiful ladies...byk lg la
tp ni antara yg i slalu tonton:

1 day 2 nights!!!
klo 2Days 1night tu mmg i xpnah miss la,
dh 2 thun since i hook up ng this show,
so funny la..
about [now] 7 guys with different charms travel together,
they went to various places,
and ade challenge yg geli hati..
mmg i recommend la utk sape2 yg hv a bad day!

kalo Chit Chat beautiful Ladies tu lak,
die talk show yg ade panel dr serata dunia,
dri uzbek hngga ke Canada,
dorg ni foreigner yg stay/settle/study/keje kt Korea,
dorg discuss about everything,
kn korean nih agk2 conservative sesetengah tu,
so mlalui show nih,
dorg learn bout others cultures..

dlu ade gak panel dr Malaysia,
sophia ridza name die,
study kt sne dh 5 thun,
mmg dh ckp korea pekat,
tp skg die dh pulang,
die jd tourist guide utk ke korea..
xsabar i nk g..hee

what about u guys??
yg u suka sama ke dgn i suka?:D


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    Diskaun hebat untuk semua
    pakej pelancongan!!!

  2. i love k-pop just like you!!!You saw the drama My girlfriend is the Gumiho with Lee Seung Gi representing on it?is unmissable!

  3. By the way my name is Lisandra! Do you know the Korean band SHINee? I love them!

  4. hello Lisandra! ^^ glad that u love Kpop too. Indeed, My gf is a Gumiho is a MUST watch.i've watched it and loving it soooo much. and SHINee,of course i know them,i like their songs too

  5. and the drama Boys Before Flowers? Do you like animes? by:Lisandra

  6. of course i know BOF,it's uber famous kekeke. anime? i USED to like them,but not so much now^^

  7. These days I'm so sad that only Kpop music helps me to overcome...a little by:Lisandra

  8. me too Lisandra. It's like sweet escape. well,btw,i'm inviting u to go through my blog. U can comment more on recent entries,not just this one ^^

  9. ok I'll do it! by:Lisandra xD

  10. I'm really enjoying your blog! by:Lisandra


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