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Been a month!

Winter has gone~
And the spring has come~
We have withered~
And our heart bruised from longing~
I'm singing my blues~
Used to the blue tears,blue sorrow~
I'm singing my blues~
The love that I have sent away with the floating clouds,oh oh~

And that was last year,about this time of the year~
We're all singing our blues as Bigbang suggested us...
Wow, time sure flies~
In about less than 2 hours,it'll Feb of 2013 already..
Just wow..

So, this is like frustrated update...
I.....I....just failed yet another job interview..
so far I attended 2,failed both *clap-clap* ~sarcasm ok
This is like the confusing phase of life I think,
I want to do soooo many things,but I refrained myself for soooo many reason...
Just when I think I'm ready for the real-working world...
I failed..felt like a loser somehow..
What should I do? Please give me advise on how not to be so down after interview...
Lucky this 2nd interview though I failed, went in very friendly environment *hint-hint*,
the first one was O_O. terrified. Crushed into pieces. Scary.OMG.

To make up for the free time I have now,

I'm the monorail~
just tell me where u wanna go,I'll take you there..
Mom & siblings starts calling me that,
after they realised how many trips I'd made per day...
It's like monorail,really!! T_T....

Then,I'm the beads sewer!
How crazy is that?
It's all started when one day mom came home and had asked me to sew beads onto her baju kurung...and just magically, somehow, I know how to do it..I never got any lesson.. After I started, feels like I wanna take classes,but some classes are like RM250 for 3hours class,like that,so I'm like,whatever,I'll just sew it whatever way,as long as it's stuck there...So far, my mom's friend got 4 of her baju kurung beaded by me already,she paid handsomely for my works too..maybe I'm good at it somehow. *pat-pat my back*

And of course...
I'm the housekeeper..
I got time, I got energy..
Nobody's around,just cat and me..
So housekeeper is the way to go~

Till then,bye!
*busy monorailing places*


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It's May already. Been couple of months since my trip to Korea,  and I've been missing that country ever since.  Ahh,I need to go there again and stay longer and explore more! ^_^

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