Thursday, January 31, 2013

Been a month!

Winter has gone~
And the spring has come~
We have withered~
And our heart bruised from longing~
I'm singing my blues~
Used to the blue tears,blue sorrow~
I'm singing my blues~
The love that I have sent away with the floating clouds,oh oh~

And that was last year,about this time of the year~
We're all singing our blues as Bigbang suggested us...
Wow, time sure flies~
In about less than 2 hours,it'll Feb of 2013 already..
Just wow..

So, this is like frustrated update...
I.....I....just failed yet another job interview..
so far I attended 2,failed both *clap-clap* ~sarcasm ok
This is like the confusing phase of life I think,
I want to do soooo many things,but I refrained myself for soooo many reason...
Just when I think I'm ready for the real-working world...
I failed..felt like a loser somehow..
What should I do? Please give me advise on how not to be so down after interview...
Lucky this 2nd interview though I failed, went in very friendly environment *hint-hint*,
the first one was O_O. terrified. Crushed into pieces. Scary.OMG.

To make up for the free time I have now,

I'm the monorail~
just tell me where u wanna go,I'll take you there..
Mom & siblings starts calling me that,
after they realised how many trips I'd made per day...
It's like monorail,really!! T_T....

Then,I'm the beads sewer!
How crazy is that?
It's all started when one day mom came home and had asked me to sew beads onto her baju kurung...and just magically, somehow, I know how to do it..I never got any lesson.. After I started, feels like I wanna take classes,but some classes are like RM250 for 3hours class,like that,so I'm like,whatever,I'll just sew it whatever way,as long as it's stuck there...So far, my mom's friend got 4 of her baju kurung beaded by me already,she paid handsomely for my works too..maybe I'm good at it somehow. *pat-pat my back*

And of course...
I'm the housekeeper..
I got time, I got energy..
Nobody's around,just cat and me..
So housekeeper is the way to go~

Till then,bye!
*busy monorailing places*

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