Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Korea Trip update~ ^o^

So May already gone and now it's June!
What a bummer for not updating the blog.
Well oh well,been caught by lazy bugs..what do u know?! hahaha

The trip was 2 weeks long for me..
A week with le familia & another just for me & kila.
We're crazy bunch ya must already know by now right.
I'll try to blog about it all in an ill-long post..cause I'm lazy :P

Kicked off the trip with a visit to Jeju-do.
What a pleasant trip we had.
Jeju-do, I do miss u already by now, and of course I'd love to go back!!!!
The flowers were still blooming though it's already late spring.

We rented a car & wander around Jeju with no tight plans or anything..just us & the beautiful Jeju..From the coast to the Hallasan,to the magnetic road..climbing Seongsan Ilchulbong & Sangumburi, met the Hanyeos..proud to say we did it! Of course a trip with me will not really include the visit to the museums that much.Why? Well, experience the Jeju yourself! Immerse in the nature & surroundings.

The next stop was Bu to the San! Busan! The 2nd largest city after Seoul. Going around was really easy, as Busan has their own subway system and other public transportation really excellent too. From YongDusan Tower ,BIFF Square,Jagalchi Market to Gwangalli Beach,we went!

In between Busan trip... managed to steal some times and went to Gyeongju! It was a short but fun trip! Bike around Gyeongju seeing the Silla Dynasty ancient monuments,felt like on a school field trip!:P From Daereungwon to Anopji Pond, even tried the Gyeongju's famous red bean bun too.

Took us about 2.5 hours from Busan to Seoul by KTX. I think we all slept like a tired baby on the journey.Meanwhile in Seoul, we're everywhere. From Namsan Tower to Namdaemun to Nami Island to everything in between,we did it. Stop by the Cheonggyecheon after a long walk was my favourite moment! The water is soooo coold despite summer's approaching. The trip was filled with joy & fun. Again,next year? Cherry Blossom?leggo!

My Highlight of the trip. :P
  • I met with Lee Jong Hyuk & his family at Namsan Tower. Got his autograph :D 
  • Bumped into my favorite dancer, Seo Ki Chul at Hongdae.Got couple of pics with him! He's soooo nice :D 
  • Met the talented producer Choice37, got his autograph and a pic. Also met one of my favorite producer,BIGTONE. I shook hand with him. Nice & great people!
  • Saw Dara unnie & YoungBae at YG HQ.. well oh well...where else I'd be found..
  • Met Lydia Paek & Marshal Bang at a Cafe in Hapjeong.kk Lydia is tooo cute.
  • Went to Teddy's Twosome Studio..saw Mina Kwon's artworks.Awesome!
  • Ahh, saw B1A4 at KBS & shook hand with one of the members (i dont hv any idea who's who),this is sooo random! what a memory.
  • Saw RyeoWok, Siwon,Yoo In Na & Shin Bo Ra at KBS too.
  • Went to the Cat Cafe!
  • Finally got a picture with one of the Kwon Twins, Dony & also dancer Park JungHeon. They're coming back from OOAK Thai.
  • My ultimate best highlight of the trip... walk side by side with SeungRi at Incheon Airport on the 9th June! Kyaaaa :D Noona is happy,maknaeyaa! Record a video & snap some pics. SeungRi is <3!

That's it!


  1. Assalamualaikum fika... i want to go to busan too! then will go to jeju~ how many days do you take to go around? busan~ then jeju~ we are going there but really, we can't even speak korean~urghhh.. but by reading your blog make me got excited again! hihihi
    i alredy go to korea during april but i spends most of the days in seoul~
    i get lost a lot during in korea~hahaha
    hope you can help me~

    1. @Nur Aqilah : W'salam. Tq for your time :) We spend 2days 1night in Busan, (if u hv time you could do 3d 2 night for Busan), Gwangalli is best to see at night,there's a temple by the sea too though we didn't hv enough time to see last time. & despite our short time, we went to Gyeongju for a short-day trip, Gyeongju is a must see place too!
      We spent 3 days 2 night in Jeju, Jeju's quite big island, but some of the attractions are close to each other, so it won't be a problem. If you possessed an international driving license and wanting to try driving around Jeju, you should as well. Jeju coastal road are to die for.Gorgeous!! Check out KT Kumho for rented car, it's cheap & very easy. But if you're planning to have a smooth and easy trip, you can opt for tour provided, i think the price could be a bit high, around 100 000 per day,but u're guaranteed to get to those places,etc.. It's best to know some basic Korean for the trip bcuz the dialect used in Busan & Jeju are bit (VERY) different from Seoul's.
      Hahaha, getting lost is just part of travelling! Enjoy the unpredictable things & places that come your way! :D

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  3. Can i have your itinerary? Can u send to my email:

    1. @Kty309: I'm so sorry.We did not hv a proper & detailed itinerary. :)

  4. Ahhhh!!!u met Jonghyuk?u dont take picture with him n his family??

    1. @Nurul Hasni : A'ahh..yes.i met him & his family ( wife,Junsu,Taksu) i didn't take any photo with him bcuz i saw his kids were happy and nobody really recognized them yet,so i bet if i took photo everyone will notice him and he might have to go back early. I just asked for autograph and had a lil chat with him,and pretend like meeting old friend,so they managed to enjoy great evening that day :)


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