Monday, January 11, 2016


Guest post by Acik, my sister.

a day filled with strolling and food with your beloved sister can never go wrong!
to brighten up our Sunday, we aimlessly went around and end up at a few malls!
firstly, we did some shopping at Kenanga mall.

then, we went to Nu Sentral & while looking for a place to eat
we decided to enter Peranakan Place on the 5th floor
aaaandd guessed what,
I've found the tastiest,yummiest and delicious asam laksa evaahhh!
not even kidding! taste like home-made food!
fiqahlee88 blogspot

fiqahlee88 blogspot
the spicy and sour broth is so nice,you can just taste all the seasonings and flavors, 
portion is very reasonable considering it cost only RM12.90!
i am literally still drooling while writing this haahaha
fiqahlee88 blogspot

fiqahlee88 blogspot
plus it has nice decor & also cozy.
strongly recommended for those who are looking for great asam laksa dish
i am definitely gonna revisit!

Our next stop was Dolly DimSum also inside the Nu Sentral,
I've heard about it before, and been eager to try it out.
fiqahlee88 blogspot
Besides their great dimsum, the restaurant was prettily decorated too.
fiqahlee88 blogspot

fiqahlee88 blogspot

fiqahlee88 blogspot
 Not to forget, Dolly Dimsum salted egg yolk bun is so good!!!
hot steamy bun with caramelized egg yolk fillings makes me so happy!
Definitely coming back for those "yolkie" bun!

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