Thursday, January 20, 2011

Malaysia = foodies heaven!

the best way to understand Malaysian,

is through our food!

Malaysian LOVE their food!

yeah, our cuisine will explain it all to you.
just as simple as that!

Malaysian are family-oriented society,
food is just one of our many ways to bond..

Malaysian cuisines,

hmm, kinda hard to explain in one word,

it's all fused, diverse,mixed & complex,


it definitely symbolized our multi-ethnic society,

you could tastes a bit of every ethnicity in our cuisines,

if you're a foodie,

then, Malaysia is the place for you!!


As the popular tourism catchphrase goes -

"Malaysia is truly a land of fascinating sights & sounds ... and food!"
-Pamela Louisa Rodrigues McKenna

lets scroll down for some food fiesta,

Malaysian style!

get ready to drool! (^__~)v

all time favorite, nasi lemak.

a meal of rice cooked in coconut milk,

served with a side of Sambal Ikan Bilis[dried anchovies cooked in a sambal],

cucumber slices, hard boiled egg and peanuts,

and traditionally packaged in a fresh banana leaf.

Malaysian-style Tea, with extra foam on top!

*please,put secret garden away from ur mind! :P *

Hainan chicken rice,

Char Kuey Teow! another Malaysian all-time favorite!

on a sunny-hot day, nothing is better than ABC/ Ais kacang!

Rendang, a must during festival!

Curry Mee, yummy!



Kerabu Mangga/ Mango Salad (thai influenced)

fish-head curry, Chinese-influenced Indian cuisine,

the last one for tonight,

roti canai!!

there's actually plenty more of Malaysian cuisine,

but me,myself couldn't help but feels kinda hungry

as i'm uploading all these pictures..

aaah, therefore i'm going to stop here!

mode: *hungry*

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