Monday, January 3, 2011

YG Family Members

today my post is dedicated to the YG Family!!
weird much?
loving even the dancers of my favorite company?
ahah,that's YG Family!

~YG Family~
~YG Family this~
~YG Family that~
a friend asked me,
'what is YG Family that u've been talking all this along?!'
i hope she'll read this post somehow..

it's basically
that works in
YG Entertainment Company,
yeah, everybody, thus we call them YG Family:)
i'll upload some of their awesome pics of not everyone,
but almost everyone

let me introduce the YG Family Members,

so, the ultimate man behind all this love,
is non other that Papa YG, aka Yang Hyun Suk!
yes,that's Papa YG joking around with GD

the one in charge for
365 days of love
in YG Family,
none other that Sean!
love-love his family too,

their Harang is mini version of Young Bae to us,

his lil girl is GD's gf & lil Bom to us,

& we love his lil baby boy too..
the mother of the child?! ahah, whole nation loves her!
think she look familiar?
yes, she played the adorable Baek Sung Jo's mom in Playful Kiss:)

twosome behind some of the great beats & songs in YG,
Papa Teddy & Kush!
they're DOPE & full of Swagga!

Teddy in LAX & Kush in red

moving on, the artists..
i'm just going to state some..


se7en & Han Byul,

the people behind their awesomeness, the MANAGERS!
they even brought their managers on ski trip with them,
Backstage pic of their
Managers waiting for them at SBS Seoul-Tokyo Music Festival

moving on,
to the person in charge of their fitness,


the same person that made Bom said,'i hate CORN'

also responsible of uploading this kind of pic of Young bae! keke

to more exciting bunch of people in YG Family,

THE~oh so fabulous~DANCERS!!!

they really completed the stage!

YG Dancers consists of many crews:
Hi-Tec,WaWa,Crazy, ML and so on..
( just naming some)

sorry in advance for the pic spam of the dancers,
i happens to love them very much! >_<'
they're living such a cool live! imo

Aimee Lee Lucas with Bom,

super adorable Kwon Twins,

GD with Ji Hye,

Lyle,Aims , YB & Shaun

yaay,they lifted up Young Bae celebrating his winning!

other family members;
their friends!

remember him?!
the YG trainee that trained with Big Bang,
SO-1 aka HyunSeung..
he's Beast member now:)

Tabi's buddy, Jajejoong of DBSK/JYJ

Yang Sung Ho & Daul Kim (RIP)

hyuk soo

2pm's Junsu..he used to be YG Trainee as well,

their pets:
Gaho, Boss, Charlie ,Dochiri,etc (naming some)

and this is where they play & practice together,
the YG Building!!

lets take a tour inside,

VIPs love YG Family Forever!

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