Monday, February 28, 2011

Amazing again!

i don't really remember how/when/why or whatsoever,
but i did stumbled upon a blog,
owned by fellow Malaysian,
who has the coolest travelling experience!
she traveled Korea on her own,by herself!
yep,u read me right, alone!

without further ado,
let me introduce you to:
it's a budget travel guide South Korea,
as she shared her experiences being there,
and also will recommend you(if u ask),
the best/cheaper way to travel South Korea.

to my liking,
she's a fellow VIP too!!!!
we both love BIGBANG!

i'd like to thank her for her tips & advices!
i might be travelling South Korea next year,
and am thankful for her blog.
who knows we might bump into each other,in Seoul(maybe):P

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