Tuesday, February 22, 2011

it's not Kpop all the time!~

i noticed that i've been posting quite alot on Kpop!
trust me,my life is not just Kpop all day..

Kpop for me,
is just some kind of way to be away from stress,
the real-life in real-world are so much more harder than the virtual life.
it's not sunny all day,and certainly not sweet all the time.

this few years had been very-very-very tough on me,
sometimes i do feel weary and very tired,
but thinking of other people that might affected by me,
i just keep pushing myself through...

after all this things happened,
i came to realized of how precious every moment are,
i dont think i could predict what future holds for us,
as i'm enjoying and trying my best,
living this precious times as it goes by,
i have to admit,
i lost quite few friends in this process....
but, no other things or person could replace family,
so i choose to let the friends go..
and that is exactly how my life been so filled with Kpop.
cuz right now,my life is all about my family..
cherishing every moment,
because i honestly don't know,
how long the picture will be this perfect.....
then if it's not family then it's Kpop.
cuz it happens to be the best way to socialize,
where i get to be at home with my family,
don't really have to go out, yet still have friends online,
however i do love going out and hanging out with friends!
with my dearest bestfriends of course,
Mukminah,Tyah, and my lil angels~my siblings..

due to Kpop,my love for S.Korea,
i've made lots of new friends from all over the world,
i may not have lots of real-life friends,
just because that's my style,
i may seems like
oh-not-so friendly type of person,
seems kinda cold at first,
but once i make friend with you,
opens up for you,
i'll cherish the friendship forever..

and after i graduate soon,
i want to go to Korea,
start a new life there..
it's been great at home,
but it's hurtful,painful,sad and depressing,
so i decide i'll go somewhere else,
so that one day,
i could remember again how good life is at home..
hopefully life wont be too hard on me in future!

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  1. fighting.......u can do it...I always by ur side...(*____^)


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