Saturday, February 12, 2011

a note in my book?

i was never the type of girl who keep a diary,
but today as i randomly stroking a book,
i found a note that i wrote,
i'm going to share it here,
Date: 28th April 2010

i watched a KBSW program; 'Korean Big Mama Embraced Kenya' today.
without my permission,
the tears keep dropping down from my eyes,
while i'm watching the show.
i was so touched and moved.

i really admire, adore and mad-respect towards people that live their life doing what their heart tells them to.
how an artist kept on doing music because they love doing it,
travelers that never had enough of travelling because he/she has more to see and experience,
simply people trying out new things in life because they wanted to do so..

For instance, an online friend Alex Finch,
inspired me by challenging himself and living out alone in Korea,
just because he wanted to feel and experience the fandom at first hand.
it's so cool of him to live by his heart and to love what he's doing.

it's actually hella lot longer, but i'll just stop right there..
so i hope indirectly,
now u'll understand why most of my post was about artists and other people,
it's like, AMAZING how they inspire me!
it's the fact that they're living their life to the fullest,
and make the best out of every moment,
makes me envy them even more.

i want to be that kind of person,
a girl who could live as she wished & dreamed,
doing the thing that she love,
surrounded by people that she love and loves her back,
yeah, that's the kind of life i dreamed for myself..

they're not too complicated wishes, aren't they?

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