Sunday, February 20, 2011

우리 집, 우리 하늘

우리 집, 우리 하늘
uri jib, uri haneul,
my house,my heaven..

it's nothing too special,
but this post is dedicated to my house,
uri jib,
~home sweet home~
omo, the house looking so old here!

pastel purple room is mine!

the papertoys

my dvds

btw,this is the old pic of my room/house..

especially in my room,
there's a whole lot more addition to it!!
the dvds are getting more and more,
and i've yet to make any space yet for the new ones..
new dvds are scattered all over my desk outside of the room.
the posters were rolled and folded,
i think i really hv to make space for my stuff!!
will update with new pics next time.

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