Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day 24.Fireworks

Dr Roy's class again.
Today, just resume with the presentation by other groups..
Later on Dr Roy summarized and concluded the topic.
Andddd,give us straight away the title for next presentation.OK.

for FMC class today, Dr Norli asked us to bring the laptop.
We had to read and critically review an article and present it right away.
Yosh, our group managed to cover most of the article,
and we presented it and Dr Norli was happy with it.Thank God.

Later at night, we went to Putrajaya with Kak Sarah.
It's for the Fireworks Festival.
30 minutes of fireworks show casting the night sky was awesome!
We had a blast and we made new friends too.
Came back tired and worn out,but we can't sleep just yet.

ACG presentation is the next day, we still haven't prepare anything.anything.
It's time to burn the midnight oil.

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