Monday, October 7, 2013

Day 29. Flight & Postpone

Day 29. 7/10/2013.
Last night I did my best reviewing the articles,
of course, I did not cover all 3 chapters.....
along the way, i get disrupted as well..
I did watched Running Man, i finished Kang Chi's, and I slept early. WHAT?!!
Alright alright..I know..I admit..I'm not good at reading alll those lengthy articles..
Anyway, I did my best.*DUSH*
Going to class this morning, I was like,
ok,ok...whatever it is, just face it. I'm unprepared.
I checked the lesson plan, and this test make up 10% of the marks..
Ok,ok,lucky just 10% ,the evil in me said..
I said to myself,just secure at least 6/7 out of the 10% then i'll be safe..phew..

During ACC721 class, I couldn't focus..
I was scared! then Kak Yan's Whatsapped us, informing that PSA class will be postpone to Thursday and another replacement class will be on Friday..
OK.But my flight was booked on Thursday.5.30pm
By hook or by crook I'll be flying back home after test..
and will missed the class for the first time in this semester.
Ahhh,i wish to have a clean attendance! T^T

Anyway,back to reviewing articlesssss and don't forget to pray for me & wish me luck!!

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