Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day 25. Chase that flight!

Day 25. Thursday.
Mom called me the night before and asked me to come home this weekend,
it's urgent so i'll have no choice but to fly back.

In the morning, the 2nd class for ACG but it's also already presentation day.
Me & Dayah presented on Genneva Malaysia Sdn Bhd case,
and it feels so great to hear 'a very good presentation' from  Dr Rashidah..
Hardly ever heard any compliments since we started this course.

Went to lunch at Seksyen 8.
New place suggested by Yon,
Talia was so good with navigation and managed to find it just based on Yon's given direction.
The food was good,the price is affordable and it's full house place.

Next, Talia drop me off at the Padang Jawa KTM station.
I missed the train by few seconds, and had to wait for another one,coming in the next 30minutes...ahhh,moments like this,i missed 'kampung'.
Then the train came and i board. The destination is KL sentral.
At KL sentral, i wasn't really sure of which transport to chose to go to LCCT.
It's already 2.30 and my flight at 4.25pm.
In the end I choose the AeroBus (rm 10)..
The bus however,almost cost me my flight ticket.
I'm never gonna board it again,ever.
Arrived at LCCT at 4pm!! and I basically had to run for my flight!
I made it to the boarding gate just in time. 

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