Sunday, October 6, 2013

Day 28.Ohno PSA!

Day 28. 6/10/2013.
I just returned back from kampung.
Syaffiq fetch me from Putrajaya ERL station yesterday,
and we went to Taman Warisan Alam for our dinner.
Later he sent me home,since I won't be using his car anymore.
And Abip's not leaving for London because he secured a job in BDO as internal auditor! huaa,i'm proud of u man! big company I assumed. make us proud!
Arrived at home at Seksyen 7 to Iylia & Dayah diligently studying/revising for PSA test.
OHNO PSA!! TEST! 30 articles from 3 chapters.OHNO.wish me luck.
and the test is tomorrow. I haven't read any yet. burn the midnight oil!!!!

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