Thursday, July 7, 2011

I think i now know why I'm having sleepless nights and why my mind wouldn't shut down when I'm trying to sleep.. It's the plan!!!

I need a proper plan for my Seoul's trip. Now that it's getting close-and-closer to the date, even though,it's next year,but still, time flies~fast! I'm like at the edge of freaking out,that i haven't really plan anything out properly. I mean, I haven't book anything or review places or even list them down. See why i'm freaking out now?!

Actually I already kind of have all these ideas of places i wanna visit there. Palaces, temples, and the Sans ( seoraksan,etc)~ is a must! Also, I've been really seriously considering about the places that we want to stay. I mean, the choices from hostels,to guesthouses to goshiwons and to even jimjilbang and airport, haven't really been decide yet. Still waiting for my sister to have any free time to discuss on this matter together or i might as well shall start working on this itinerary and shall make slot in her busy schedule to sort of see and give me her opinions on the plan. It's winter we're talking about here.

Well,well, I'm really-really-really hoping that this trip gonna be our best memories before she left for University. I even recommend her to just study in South Korea, but then she want to be a doctor, and I'm not sure whether or not South Korea's Unis recognized by our government for medical studies. Urgh, situation at home is not good that i wanna send away every each of my baby. I love them and i don't want to see them going through all this.  *Go go away,eh eh eh as 2ne1 would say*

Anyway,back to topic, i need some of ideas and opinions,on where to stay, where to visit, where to eat, or if anyone wanna invite me to stay at ur place, or etc ^^ anything! just drop a comment!


  1. :) i was in Seoul from march till may, staying in student houses-goshiwones. but for that to arrange, you would probably need to speak korean or have a friend there who can help you... one solution a friend recommeded me was staying in hotel or hostel for extended period so they give you discount. you should probably ask if its possible. if you decide for student house, there are rules to follow so be careful :) i was just like you, arranging all in last moment haha i hope all goes well-fighting! ^^ Katja

  2. thanks Katja,will def check it out.^^


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