Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Stoning at home.Doing nothing,like absolutely nothing.. I've finished my beading aka creative project so now I'm left with pretty much nothing to do. Eat, watch tv, online,sleep and repeat the cycle again~every single day. There's nothing to be done here. I'll be amazed if my brain could function properly when the new semester start soon.

In one of the previous entry, I've posted about learning Bahasa Melayu. hahaha, well, nobody hit me up,or whatsoever,meaning that nobody's interested! Boo-yah! Kinda makes me wonder, those people that feedjit showed me, was that false one? No one came to this blog except for me, literally! hahaha, however it doesn't matter. I'll just blog for my own good. 


  1. I read your blog! Maybe not every day, but that's because my Maxis broadband stinks! Anyway, I would like to learn Bahasa Melayu, but I am leaving in 8 days.

    Also it looks like I'm not the only bored one in Kelantan! By the way, from your blog I learned about the subway to Chuncheon, I never even knew that existed! I was going to comment and say 'Are you crazy, there is no subway to Chuncheon!' But then I did some research and WOW, there really is one! Hohoho!

  2. Thank u. i wonder,in 8 days, u're leaving for Melaka/(?) or for Land of Morning Calm?


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