Sunday, July 17, 2011

what would we do?

about few weeks in South Korea...

tadaaaaa,it's all booked! I meant the flight tickets ^^
soooo, i searched high & low for an itinerary to base on,
and i came across this plan from tripadvisor.
just gonna share it here.
It's not mine,but i think i'll might take some of the suggestion too.
well,who knows.

Here is my very personal wish list (bear in mind I like to combine both cultural and outdoor activities.)
7 days at Seoul:
Palaces — Gyeongbok Gung ( and Changdeuk Gung and its garden (… I already done the palaces in the past, but I think you shouldn't miss.
Stroll around Bukchon Hanok Village ( to browse galleries and unique boutique stores and enjoy cup of soothing Korean tea at Insa-dong (……)
Ride water taxi to view colorful fountain show at Banpo Bridge, Rainbow Fountain (……)
Attend one of small Indi-rock band concerts around Hongdae area and brows its flea market (……)
Getting hair done in really cheap price (about half of NYC price) at one chic hair salon in Myeong-dong or Cheungdam-dong.
Ride brand new subway line to Chuncheon (I heard it now take about 1.4 hrs ) to enjoy its famous Dakgalbi (……)
Day trip to Suwon Hwasung Fortress (……) and artist colony at Heyri Art Valley (……)
Stroll and shop along the Sinsa-dong Garosu-gil (……)
2 days at Gangwondo region
Seoraksan National Park and Sokcho
Hike, soak at outdoor hot spring, and enjoy fresh seafoods at Sokcho (……)
3 days at Gyeongju, Busan and Geoje-do island
If I can afford, I would love to stay at Ragung in Gyeongju and visit nearby historic sites from Shilla Kingdom (……)
Visit Busan's famous Jagalchi seafood market eat fresh hoe (sashimi) ……
Visit Geoje-do island via new bridge/tunnel that connects from Busan.
3 days at Jeju island
Walk along the couple of Ole trails, watch famous sunrise at Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, boat rip to Udo Island island and get some fresh Gamgyul (citrus fruit native of the island) ……
6 days at Suncheon, Bosung, Damyang and Jeonju of Jeonlla-do region
(I've been to some of these areas on my last visit, and fell in love with beautiful sceneries and delicious foods, so I would love to revisit again)
Happy planning. Cre: blee246
how awesome is that?
but i'll have to bear in mind that i might as well want to attend BIGSHOW next we'll see how it'll turn out. kekeke 


  1. Wow o.o
    I wish I could go too!!!!
    I would probably stand in front of 1night2days meeting place all day long kkkk
    (I love that show as well kkk)
    Have a safe trip and I hope you'll have a wonderful time ^-^


  2. oh,thanks for best wishes.
    i hope this will turn out well too.
    and yes,yes,yes,i'll definitely gonna check out that 1n2d meeting place! ^^ who knows i might bump into any of them *finger cross*
    btw,thanks for coming!


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