Tuesday, July 12, 2011

~ It's a RED WARRIORS thing!~

This entry dedicated to Kelantanese and their football team, The Red Warriors! 
Kelantanese loves their football team.
 If the players are called the Red Warriors by many, 
the fans also dubbed as the Red Warriors too, 
and claimed by others as the '12th' players of the team. 
The love affair between them are no longer a secret one.
 Instead the Red Warriors actually made famous for its dedicated,supportive and colorful fans! 
With their tagline ' 'Gomo Kelate Gomo' both parties are like 'Go More Kelantan Go More', 
rising from being an underdogs team, 
consistent and determined,
 supported and loved by the fans,
they're heading straight towards many achievements hands in hands. 

 Being sponsored by many local/non-local companies,
no wonder the Red Warriors are widely known as the most influential fan club in Malaysia. 
With 90 % of the players are Kelantanese, 
again,no wonder this team being supported wholeheartedly by Kelantanese,
within Kelantan or even Kelantanese living outside Kelantan.
Anyway,that's what Kelantanese known for the most, their shall i say, 'Kelantanism'? ^^
The fans usually packed the whole stadium in every-match held.
No matter where or when, their fans are always there,
this fans usually travels wherever the match is,
cheering at the top of their lungs,for their beloved team.

And not to be forgotten, there's a special supporters team,
calling themselves as 'The Ultras', this is like the fanatic fans of the team, 
they travel with the team, there on every-single match, 
singing and cheering through-out the whole game; non-stop, 
they even had their special spot in the stadium,spared for them on every match,
and they've been doing this without any sponsorship; i guess,
all out of the love for their team.

Personally, I even think this is the one and only thing that could bring Kelantanese together,
regardless their political parties. Politic is something that is very-very-very sensitive topic in Kelantan,
but when it comes to The Red Warriors, 
everyone just genuinely become one. 
Phew, the power of sports!~ one shall never underestimated it!  

Generally, the red warriors fever was actually the one that brings back 
he football fever in local football scene, here in Malaysia, 
and actually raise the quality of the Malaysian football again,
which once known as quite a powerful team in Asia couple of decades ago,in the 70s.
Made famous by Mohktar Dahari.

I've had the opportunity to attend quite a number of matches as well.
Being a Kelantanese, it would've been a loss if i didn't join the fever,
also because I'm a sport-lover too.
Before this I just saw them on tv, but being among the supporters,
I now know, how intense and how exciting it is.
The thing is now, I even looking forward to attend the match,
i bet,i'm quite a Red Warrior too now! haha
This is all started because my younger brother,
he's a huuuuuge fan of the team,
especially the goalkeeper, Khairul Fahmi Che Mat (KFCM).
I even blogged about them for couple of time already here and here.

Here's a video to show it:

For this season, there's loads of achievements, achieved by the Red Warriors.
Here's some,

Oh before that, here's some of the pictures that i snapped over the weekends.


 This was on Friday,when they brought back home the Super League Cup.

 This was on Saturday match Kelantan Vs Pelita Jaya (INA)

see that? that's the 'Ultras' and that's their spot.
Seems like they're celebrating something that night,not sure what though.

Showing respect to the national (NEGARAKU) and state anthem
on my right~

on my left~
it's all packed!

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