Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weekend-PM-Red Warriors

PM( yep, Prime Minister of Malaysia) was in Machang last weekends. The Red Warriors was with him during the meet-the-local session at Sekolah Kebangsaan Machang 1.Good to see PM himself came here and sort of see for himself  and check on the people and the situation here in Kelantan. Maybe he shall come visit more often. ^^

Anyway, i went to the event with my family and there's thousands of people already when we arrived. So we just stay there for about an hour, because it's too crowded and also it's damn hot that day~ and to my craziest mind,i was wearing my sweater still. I was running an errands from morning, I went to meet with Kak Filah and had lunch with Ain and Kak, so by the time i got home, i totally got no time to change at all. Dad was waiting in car and i just hopped in his after i got off my car. While i'm sweating like an athlete that noon, others would be staring at me, giving me the face of 'why the heck she's wearing that sweater in this kind of weather' yeah,yeah..i just smile, well,like i would care any-less.hahaha

The highlight of the day of course, besides PM, was the Red Warriors team. Locals were so excited to see them. The day before,Friday, they went to UiTM, although my Uni is just 5 minutes away, i missed the events. I only knew about that on Saturday. On Saturday, however, i missed yet again another fan-meeting at the SMK Hamzah. The players gave out free tickets to those fans who showed up wearing the team's jersey. Yeah, i missed that. I was at lunch when that happened. Not my lucky day i guess.

I did snap loads of pictures however,see for yourself. ^^

this is how hot that day 

Dad met his long time friend, he's retired now.

The drums 


The YB Anuar Musa was chatting with the red warriors fan

the fans

The players were all seated on the stage when i arrived.

Drummer getting ready

PM arrival

PM was somewhere under the tent there 

Waiting for the PM to get on stage

so that's it!

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