Wednesday, July 27, 2011

That Island is calling me!!

I'm going there this Thursday with Min and a friend of her, Ain.
Yes,yes,I'm overwhelmed by the fact that I'm going there!
I've never been there,like literally been there. 
But I passed it for a few times,and that was long time ago.
I'm gonna meet my college friend!
Two of them are living there,this feels like a reunion.
It's been half a decade since we last separated.
We walk our very different paths,lost contact at some point,
but a dear friend,will always be close to heart.
We reconnected and never look back again.(is that so) hahaha

I'll be on the driver seat,
well,i love driving,what can i say :D
now,i just can't wait.

Btw, Ramadhan is coming!!! It's fasting month again! 
Hopefully i'll be able to fulfill my responsibilities again this time ^^.
I shall blog about that in the next post.

And also, this time around,last year. T_T
my heart hurts just thinking about it.
My grandma~ this 31st,it'll be a year without u.
I miss u sooooo much.~Al-Fatihah~

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